MILF MONDAY @ Townhouse ‘The Bonfire Night One’ 4th November

You know the old rhyme … “Remember, Remember, the 4th of November … “
This November we are embracing our inner Guy Fawkes, but instead of plotting treason we are plotting lots of fun, frolics & filth!!

By popular demand, the dark room will be making a return for those of you who fancy letting your rockets off in the dark! Or maybe you prefer to burn baby, burn where you can be seen, in one of our 7 other play areas. Whatever your preference, get your sparklers at the ready & let’s set this Monday off with a bang!

If you want to join us for this event, please email the owner, Vicky at if you are 100% certain you can make it and we’ll be sure to add you on to our guest list. Please be aware that this event is GUEST LIST ONLY!

Entry fees – it’s a ‘tenner for the Guy’ (ba-dum-tss!) but our lovely ladies will get FREE ENTRY!
Feel free to post in the thread, make some friends and get yourselves all excited before the party starts!!

Look forward to seeing you all on the 4th
Morticia and Vicky
‘The Small Print’

This is a daytime event for ladies and couples who want to meet single guys. Some of our girls are greedy too, so we aim for a 3:1 ratio of guys to girls at their request.

Doors open at 10:30 and closing time is 15:30. Last entry is 1pm (11.30am for newbies)

We cap numbers at 100 to make it pleasant and comfortable for our guests, therefore this is a strict GUESTLIST ONLY party. Please only place your name on the list if you can definitely make it as places are in demand; we have a 3 strike rule for people who continuously waste places.

Please be aware that we have a strict ‘smart/casual’ dress code – no hoodies, sportswear or trainers are allowed!

NON MEMBERS/NEWBIES – You are MORE than welcome at the club and we’ll be happy to give you a tour of the place and answer any questions you may have on the day. Please try to arrive before 11.30 for your first visit, so we can show you around before it gets busy!!

You will need to bring some photo ID with you AND something with your address on. NO ID = NO ENTRY! Driving licence is the gold standard for ID, but a passport & utility bill is also acceptable. Townhouse members, just bring along your membership card.

You will need a £10 deposit for your locker key/bar tab which is offset against your bar bill. Townhouse has a very cheap licensed bar to keep you refreshed throughout the day, so please leave your own drinks at home. Towels are available for £1 – or you can bring your own

PLEASE DO NOT PARK in Bookers car park or the car parks of other local businesses. Parking enforcements are operating in the area so please be aware of this. There is plenty of on-street parking in and around Union Street, HOWEVER please ensure you are considerate towards our neighbours & don’t park in front of people’s houses or somewhere you are blocking driveways or even the road!!


ALLURE! 39 & Under Party @ Townhouse 25th October

After the success of our previous events we are pleased to bring you “Allure 11” our private party for those aged 39 and under*.

There will be a no pressure feel to the party for those who enjoy the social side of swinging but for those who are feeling filthy, there will be plenty of play too. The event caters for newbies and seasoned swingers who want to enjoy a party with a younger crowd and vibe.

On arrival, you will be offered a welcome drink and there will be nibbles on the bar!

You don’t need to be a member of the club but will need to bring ID with you. Either a photo driving licence or 2 forms of ID that confirm your name and current address.

The event runs from 8.30pm – 3.00am (last entry 11pm)

£5 per female
£20 per couple (You will need to have a couple’s membership with the club or a verified couples account)
£30 per guy (Limited to 6-8)

You will also need a £10 deposit for your locker key/bar tab. Condoms are available free of charge. Towels are £1 or you can bring your own.

Overnight stays are available for £15 per person, this will need to be booked directly with the club. Either give them a call or message them on the club profile “TownhouseTwosome”

As this is a private event and cheaper entry, we ask that you don’t bring your own alcohol and purchase from the well-stocked, licensed bar instead. A full bar price list can be found on the Townhouse website and for gin lovers out there, you will be spoilt for choice on the massive oriGIN bar.

To attend, you will need to be added to our guest list, so please email Vicky, the owner directly at to go on the list

*We have been running this event for over 3 years and a small number of our original guests have since turned 40, as they supported us at the original parties they are still welcome to attend this one.

Carlos + Sienna

The Tipsy Unicorn BURLESQUE LOUNGE 9th November

Who doesn’t LOVE Burlesque?

Flamboyance, Feathers and tasselled fandangos! Townhouse have been running Burlesque events for nearly 5 years now and they are always packed with glamorous, fabulous ladies and dapper gents who all love the art of tease!!

This year we are delighted to welcome Bambi LeBam, a professional Burlesque performer who has worked alongside the likes of Millie Dollar at the Martini Lounge, bringing you a seductive and fierce performance which will leave you wanting more! We are also welcoming Dark Phoenix for her comeback performance after a short family break. She is a local performer and can’t wait to get back on stage to strut her gorgeousness!

Our Burlesque nights wouldn’t be the same without a few laughs and our amateur performers! This year we have 2 troupes who have something up their sleeve which will no doubt be hilarious! They are all members, complete amateurs and do not want to be taken seriously at all, so make sure you give them extra cheers to encourage them on stage and be prepared for belly laughs and sore sides!

We always like to raise a couple of quid for charity on these nights, so we will be running a little raffle with the proceeds going to Prostate cancer. So bring an extra £1 for your tickets.
There will be cake and sweet treats on the bar and tables and don’t forget we have a new cocktail menu as well as our origin bar if you fancy a tipple.

As this is a burlesque night, feel free to dress up in your finery! Burlesque finery would include feather boas, corsets, bustle skirts, cinchers, stockings, long gloves, fascinators….for the guys, quirky, braces, suits, waistcoats, steampunk, goth, hats, beards, wacky! If you don’t ‘do’ burlesque, then dress to impress is the minimum dresscode.

Normal prices apply:
Ladies £4
TGirls £10
Couples £25
Single Guys £30 (max 8 guys will be admitted and they must be members)

Don’t forget your membership cards or ID if you are not a member; a driving licence is preferred but refer to our website for other ID options.

No need to book in, just come early so you don’t miss out on all the fun! 10pm is our estimated performance start time.

See you all there!


Roaring 20’s/Peaky Blinders/Flappers NYE Party @ Townhouse 31st Dec!

New Years Eve

So it’s the BIGGEST party night of the year yet again and it’s a guaranteed lock in!!! Where do the years go?!!

We invite you to join us from 8.30pm for the last party of the year and take us into the first party of next year. Townhouse know how to throw a New Years Eve party so you don’t want to miss it!

We are entering the 20’s so what better way to celebrate than with a Rip Roaring 20’s/Peaky Blinder/Flappers  party? We’re going back to the last time we entered into the 20’s, 100 years ago when alcohol was prohibited in the States, Women became more provocative, mobsters ruled the roost and music made the foundations rock in clubs all around the world. A time of Glitz, Glamour, Tassles, Head dresses, Tommy guns, Spats and and Baker Boy caps.

Townhouse will be lit by candlelight in the bar and lounge, with inspirational music pumping to get your feet tapping and your hearts racing in the lead up to midnight.  Townhouse moonshine shots will be floating around for you to sample and prohibition bath tub gin will be served at the bar. Food will be served and luxuries will be in abundance. Leave your Tommy Guns at home and arrive in your best 1920’s finery for the party of the year!

Our Butler will be circulating with canapes and later on he will be serving bubbly so be sure to give his bum a squeeze on the way past…he responds well to snogs too 😉 Our shot waitress will also be offering free shots in the lead up to midnight.

This is a TICKET ONLY EVENT so we can control numbers. You will not get in without a ticket, so please tell your friends in case they miss this ad.

Our prices remain cheap, despite it being ‘the big one’
Couples £25 Ladies £10, TGirls £10, Single guys £30 (guys must be members and we have just 8 places) You can buy your tickets at our box office, via paypal or directly with us at reception.

We ask that you do not bring your own booze to this party and full loyalty cards will not be accepted for free entry due to the high overheads. Our bar is highly subsidised and prices will not be increased for this night. If we catch anyone with their own drinks, they will be told to leave without a refund…we have members wandering around as our eyes and ears and they will report back….you have been warned!

We are offering overnights if you want to make a night of it and the staff always stay up and hit the bar after hours so why not join us? It’s just £15 per person to stay over and these are booked directly with me at

Sooooooooo….grab your tickets while you can….you don’t want to miss this!

High Tea & Hysteria – Goth and Steampunk Event @ Townhouse 3rd Nov

townhouse presents (1)

Sunday, November 03, 2019 · 2:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Cost: £10 in advance or £12 on night

Dress code: Your best Goth or most industrious Steampunk – dress to impress!!

Welcome into the Darklight fellow Goths, let yourself ‘revel’ in the deep, sacred blacklight flickering around Lucifer’s eternal flames of Hellfire.

Fellow Steampunk’s – as explorers and technocrats, glam up in your Techno-Victoriana

Having landed either from your Dirigible or emerged from the sullen depths of Depravity, ascend the Portal of T’ownhouse to gain admittance and have your credentials examined!

Tunes will play on the new-fangled, ‘Hysteria Mix’ – handpicked by your valiant Schwifty, a techno musical extravaganza of waxy cylinders and Metal.

Explore all corners of The T’ownhouse , from the Upper-Rooms in the Gods ’Heaven’, the middle floors or ‘infernal’ equipment from the Herr Doctor Medical Chair ( known as the Gynstuhl ) and the benches, hoists and other equipment on the ‘DarkSide’. Then pass the Ground floor for socialising, dancing and replenishing your drinks (Great Gin btw) OR descend into the Kellers and underground places of confinement, complete with rustic prison cells, rubber room and other equipment -where the groans of pleasure are intermingled with swishes of whips and floggers and the glint of steel against pale flesh, hairs rising with excitement; you can smell the pheromones wafting on the air!

One night of Tunes…..let yourself loose to experience ‘T’Other side’, let yourself be free and enjoy!


Tickets can be pre-booked at £10, or £12 on the night. Email to reserve your place. Keep a record of your booking reference when you turn up. Tickets are non refundable and are non-transferable, if you’re not a member please bring the normal ID required for entry on the night, See the Townhouse website for full details.

INDULGENCE – All Female Party @ Townhouse 17th October!

Our all girl event returns once more and is now a huge bi-annual event!!!

8 ladies are part of the Indulgence planning team to bring you an extra special party that is being advertised far and wide to bring women together from all 4 corners of the UK!! So tell your friends as you can’t miss this!! 76 women attended our last party, featuring the biggest orgy we’ve ever seen at Townhouse (no shit) and it was simply an incredible night!

The party is open to straight, bi and gay women, swingers, fetishists and nillas. If you identify as female, you are welcome. Basically, there is something for everyone at Indulgence…there are no parameters and no judgements.

The club will be divided up into zones and you may opt to wear a wristband to distinguish your interests on the night; bands can of course be mixed if you are into different things…

Green Zone – Groundfloor – Socials, Entertainment, Food and Body Art

– A green wristband may be worn if you are staying in this zone.
In this area, there will be no nudity and no play but you can go as skimpy with your clothing as you wish. We will be treated to an amazing Burlesque performance by Bambi Le Bam and she will be running a fun workshop for those who fancy learning the art of tease! She is very well known in the Northwest and will have you dancing like a pro in no time! This is free of charge

Our bar will be your watering hole where you can grab some food, tuck into our sweetie corner and replenish your drinks, mingle and meet new friends. It’s like the kitchen at a house party, where everyone congregates!

The wet area will be open for those who would like a sauna or jacuzzi. We will also be welcoming back our body painter who will be wowing us with her artistry in here. New for this event is a Henna Artist who will be offering you some semi permanent art as a reminder of your fabulous night! All free of charge

There will be several hosts wandering around the groundfloor to offer a friendly face, introducing you to people if you wish and keeping everyone updated on the itinerary for the night. We will also have an all female staff on board for this party.

Blue Zone – 1st Floor – Therapies, Tattoos and Fetish – A blue wristband may be worn if you are a fetishist

This floor is where our therapist will be offering Indian Head Massage and Reiki, all free of charge. We will have a calming therapy area for you to indulge and 15 minute sessions are booked on the night.

At the opposite end of the 1st Floor, our main dungeon will be open for those who enjoy more edgy play and our medical room will feature a tattoo artist!!! She is very experienced and fully insured for mobile work. Obviously this is a charged service but she is offering special rates for this party. You can book in on the night and discuss your ideas. So please come with at least a basic idea of what you want. Due to time constraints, only small ish tattoos will be undertaken to allow for as many people as possible to book in.

Red Zone – 2nd floor – Massage and sex! A red wristband may be worn if you are up for some up close and personal fun

This floor has quiet private rooms for those who want to get sexy behind closed doors. There is a group play room which will feature a fun mutual massage class for those who want to gain some massage skills to take away to their partners. You will need to pair up for this as you will  be massaging each other. It’s a short class, so won’t take up your valuable playtime. This will also run early in the night, so it won’t take up the play areas for long.

Black Zone – Cellar dungeon and photo studio

Our professional female photographer is back and wow, did she create some STUNNING work last time! She will be housed in this area, offering you the opportunity to get some amazing shots for your personal use or online profiles. She is simply brilliant and we are SO lucky to have her with us! She is offering a 30 min shoot, producing 5 professionally finished photos sent to your inbox within 7-10 days for £30!!!! These slots will go quick and again, you need to book and pay for your shoot in advance. If you want to see her work, go to

This isn’t just a party, this is an EVENT and you can’t miss it! Doors open at 7.30pm, closing at 1.30am (last entry is strictly 10pm). It’s just £10 per person if you book a ticket in advance or £15 on the door. You can book tickets via our box office or by contacting the club directly and you can pay by paypal. You can also purchase your ticket for our photographer direct with us or at our box office.

The dress code is dress to impress! So no sportswear, leggings, Ugg boots or onesies for this one!!! Lol Don’t forget your sexy dress down gear if you want to get filthy on the top floor! So, grab your glad rags and let’s raise the roof of Townhouse!!

See you there!
Indulgence team 2019

Leather & Lace Reloaded Rock Night @ Townhouse 12th October

October is Halloween month, so what a perfect time for the next Leather & Lace, the best swingers event for those who like their music loud.

What would Halloween be without a theme, and for this Leather & Lace it’s – Heavy Metal Horror – we want to see your dark, freaky, evil, naughty costumes and outfits. Think bloody fallen angels, corrupted black metal nuns, zombie ZZ top cosplay or maybe killer clowns from outer space. We’ll be giving out prizes for the best costumes so it’s totally worth putting in some effort with a crazy outfit. But don’t worry, if you don’t want to dress up that’s totally cool, normal dress code applies.

We’ll have the amazing DJ Klang back and he’s got something special in mind for his return performance. The last one was crazy so I can only imagine how insane this one will be. If you were at June’s party you’ll remember how epic it was.

Normal Saturday night prices apply for this one – £25 for couples, £10 TV’s, £5 single ladies and £30 for single guys. There isn’t any list for couples and ladies, but feel free to get in touch and let me know you can make it (love my lists!)

Single guys need to put their names on the list and must be members of the club. There are only 8 swinging Single Male places available, so book in early to avoid disappointment. Please message the club as normal.

When it comes to the actual music being played…
In the bar there will be a great mix of songs from bands like Offspring, ACDC, Steel Panther, Faith No More, Soundgarden, The Clash, Guns N Rose’s etc. The lounge will be the amazing DJ Klang pumping out an eclectic mix of dance along classics as well as Halloween specials!

On the first floor we’ll have the ‘METAL’ room, with the lights turned way down and heavier tunes, this open space will be perfect to get down to some totally hard and filthy play. The top floor will feature a mix of pop punk and indie classics to set a lighter, more playful mood.

While it will be great to see how creative you all are. If you don’t want to dress up, band t-shirts will be fine in the bar, but I strongly encourage people to dress to impress, think latex, leather, mesh, Lace, lycra. This is a swinging event, anyone going upstairs MUST dress down to fit with the policy of the club.

All attendees must bring membership cards or valid ID (picture part drivers license is perfect, otherwise Passport and utility bill)

Doors open at 8:30pm.
Last entry is 10:30pm and newbies must arrive before 9:30pm to be shown around.

If you would like to stay over, it’s a bargain £15 per person and can be arranged by emailing Vicky at . Pre payment is required to book a stay over.

Personally can’t wait for this one and I’m so excited to see how creative you all are. Let’s make it an October to remember \”/

PURE!! Ultimate Depravity Play Party 18th October @ Townhouse

PURE@Townhouse. Friday 18th October. PURE…..depravity!
8.30pm – 3am

Three certainly isn’t a crowd for this event! Townhouse hosting veterans PinUpPro and Mrs ProBlow are being joined by this Filthy Beast from the east Darlo82, to bring you…..PURE!

How ‘Pure’ do you think you are? Can we tempt you to the dark side? We have put together a range of filthy, deviant, fun and frivolous challenges to test even the purest of souls! PURE filth on another level!
Whatever your pleasure… we’ve got it covered! This night is about one thing and one thing only. PURE unadulterated fun, whether you are straight, gay, bi, trans and everything in between!

We’re talking gang bangs, group play, open play , anonymous play. From filthy fucking to blindfolds, blow jobs and bukkake. Frolic in the dark room or partake in the “light” room! Your hearts will be racing, your juices will be flowing and your cocks will be hard, indulging in your hottest fantasies.

A no holes barred fucktacular event! If you want a particular fantasy fulfilling. This is the place to do it.
For the adventurous amongst you, we will be launching our adult play pen complete with a Sybian, fuck machine, Doxy wand and a drildo! Prepare for jelly legs is all we will say!

Fuck and play ANYWHERE. We’re talking fucking in the outdoor courtyard, the lounge, the bar, the showers. Go absolutely wild! Your only limit is your imagination…

It’s dress down from the get go, whether that be sexy skimpies or strutting what mother nature gave you in all it’s naked glory, it’s up to you.

So how much will this night of depravity cost you?
Females and T-Girls: £10, Couples: £20, Males: £20 Single Males (Non Members): £25
Overnight stays are available for just £15pp, you would need to contact Vicky, the owner at directly to book. You can also email us to go on the guestlist.

This event will be held at Townhouse,
9 Union St, Birkenhead CH42 3TL

If you are not a member of Townhouse, then please bring either your driver’s licence OR two forms of ID (one to be photo ID AND something with your address on). You’ll be greeted and given a tour on arrival. Please just give your username in at reception. Newbies need to arrive before 9.30pm for a tour of the place. Last entry for everyone else is 10.30pm.

Drinks are readily available from the well stocked bar! You will need a £10 deposit for your locker key/bar tab. Towels are £1 to hire but you are welcome to bring your own and condoms are available free of charge.

See you filthy fuckers there!
Mrs ProBlow

Day of the Dead Disco @ Townhouse 5th October

Day of the Dead Disco!

Join us on Saturday 5th October for a Disco that will wake the Dead. Celebrating Día de los Muertos, we bring you a night of dancing, laughter and the inevitable flirting and debauchery. The DJ will be playing tracks that are guaranteed to have you on your feet dancing and if your peckish, why not visit our Alter to see what sweet treats have been left for you by the visiting dead.

Day of the dead is bold, bright and beautiful and we hope your outfits will be too!There will be prizes for the best dressed so get out your face paints and flower crowns, dress to impress and let’s dance with the dead.

This event is open to everyone! Ladies, T girls, couples and a limited number of single guys (guys members only)

Couples £25

Ladies £5

T Girls £5

Guys £30 (spaces are limited to 8 single guys who must be members and must book in advance)

Townhouse has a strict dress code; therefore, no sportswear or trainers are allowed so if you’re not dressing up for the theme then usual dress to impress rules apply.

Doors open at 8:30pm and last entry 11pm. If this your first time, please arrive by 9:30pm for your tour and guys must arrive by 10:30pm.

Don’t forget your membership cards or driving license with a picture (if not available then a passport and utility bill is fine)

We can’t wait to party with you all!


FALL BALL @ Townhouse with our Cock-Tale Bar 28th September

You are cordially invited to Townhouse on 28th September 2019 for our Fall Ball Birthday Bash end of month party!

Before I go any further, this is a FLASH SALE! If you book and pay in advance,you get a reduced entry! £15 per couple, £5 Tgirls and £20 for member guys (8 places only). Ladies you will go free of you book and no advance payment needed, obvs lol scroll down for more exciting news….


The nights are drawing in and we’re getting all Autumnal at Townhouse! Don’t worry about feeling the cold though as we’ll be sure to keep you warm all night long!!!

This is a formal themed party and we ask guests to dust down their fineries and dress to impress. We’re not asking for tuxedos unless that’s your thing, but trousers and shirt are a bare minimum with suits or waistcoats being the preferred attire. Ladies, go all out and glam up as much as you dare…lets bling the shit out of this thing!!

Once we all dress down after 11pm, you could always continue the formal look and just wear a dickie bow or ladies could wear something skimpy and sequined?! Lol think dazzling and debauched!

This is also a treble Birthday party, so there will be birthday treats as well as our usual buffet. Be sure to extend additional birthday kisses to Little Vixen, Soulnightwish (mr) and MrProBlow

Tonight will also see the launch of our new Cock-Tale bar! Our staff have had mixology training recently and they are raring to go! If you follow us on Instagram you would have seen some of training pics! Much fun was had and Jim was smashed as he polished off all the remnants lol There’s something for everyone on the new menu, my personal fave being the Caipiroska YUM

Our end of month parties are always busy and we recommend that everybody aims to arrive before 10.30pm to guarantee entry. To book your reduced, pre-paid ticket, email Vicky at

See you all there!

Now to decide which frock to wear…decisions decisions!!!