MILF Mondays – stuff you should know!

So we had our first MILF Monday event on 29th Sept and it was a rip roaring success! We welcomed exactly 100 people to the event with a mix of couples, single ladies/greedy girls and single guys. It was a well organised event and everyone had a great day.

We are now going to run these events on the 1st Monday of every month from 10.30am – 3.30pm. The next event is 3rd Nov and then 1st Dec.

I get lots of questions about these events, so I have put this blog together to help answer your questions and give you some useful information which you will need to know on the day.

MILF Monday has been started due to the amount of ladies who cannot attend evening events and needed a horny day of fun while the sprogs were at school. We found there was a huge demand for such an event and 31 ladies attended our first event!!! lol

This is a guestlist only event. If you are not on the list, you cannot attend as we need to monitor numbers, so contact us to go on the list  The event is open to non members as well as members and you will need to bring in your membership card or ID if you are not a member. The ID that we accept is a Photo Driving Licence or Passport and utility bill. We basically need to confirm your name and address. Your details are not kept, we just take them down on the day on a reception list and the list is destroyed at the end of the day. Nothing is sent to your address and you will not be contacted after the event unless you contact us first.

Dress code: Well this is a little relaxed with it being a daytime event but we still won’t admit people in hoodies, tracksuits, trainers and dirty workwear.

Entry: This is £10 per guy/girl/couple. You will need to bring £5 deposit for your locker key/bar tab.

Condom and Towels: We hand out free condoms and lube. We have a variety of condoms including King Size and Latex free. We can issue towels at a charge of £1.00 hire. You may bring your own though and you are responsible for it.

Dress Down: We are not an immediate ‘dress down’ club. Downstairs in the social areas, you can wear what you want, when you want to. If you want to go and play upstairs or watch play, then we ask you to dress down. For guys this is a towel, boxers, shorts. For ladies this is towel, lingerie, wrap, bra and briefs, playsuit…choice is yours!


We had someone on the gates directing your parking last time as there was so many of you! lol The best place to park is on the Campbeltown Road CH42 9HP. Look for the John Moores building and surrounding car parks. It’s a free car parking area and away from any major traffic, residents etc… Our usual car park, Bookers Wholesale just gets too busy in the day and the residents in the surrounding area get pissed off when there are dozens of cars; some of you last time parked in front of driveways which is just not on, so could you please park at the above location. It is literally over the road from the club and the walk is 200 yards. Your car will be safe, you won’t be causing an obstruction and there are no yellow lines. If you are unsure of the area, we will again have somebody on the gate to direct you.

Mobility around the building: Our venue covers 4 floors via stairs; we do not have a lift. The building is accessible by wheelchair and we have accessible toilets on the groudfloor. However, the layout of the playareas on the 1st and 2nd floor, makes our club difficult for people who use a wheelchair as there is no means of transporting a wheelchair up the stairs. There are no playareas on the groundfloor, although some people do actually play on the groundfloor! lol

Food bank and STI testing @ Townhouse

We want to give something back to our local community, so we have decided to set up a food bank drop off point. We have placed a food dumpster in the corner of the corridor heading outside to the smoking area. It’s got a big sign saying Food Bank so you can’t really miss it! lol If you would like to donate food, then they accept non perishable foods and food with a long use by date. So tinned foods, dried foods and cereals are perfect. I will be making regular visits to our local food bank with you donations and they will go to good use.

The food bank was set up last week and already we have our first full dumpster to go off….so if you have already donated, thank you 🙂

We also have an STI drop in planned for 17th Oct from 8pm until 9/9.30pm. The Terrence Higgins Trust will be providing the testing and pre test couselling. They can test for Chlamydia, Gonorrohea and HIV. If you would like to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to get tested them just come along; you don’t need to be a member to be tested.

We will be offering drop in clinics every month on different nights, so keep an eye on the blog for updates.

If you are a regular swinger, it is adviseable to get tested for STI’s every 3 months.

OCTOBER Newsletter

Well September certainly didn’t disappoint! WOW! Our numbers were up by 21% from last year and we also welcomed a record number of new females to the club 🙂  If you didn’t make it over, this is what you missed!

  • Some brilliant Wednesdays! 3 out of 4 Wednesdays in September brought us over 40 sexy people! Since our reduced single guy entry price, our couples and ladies are sussing out that we have more lovely guys and are turning up in the dozens! A brilliant night for mid week frolix!
  • Our BDSM Nights as always were CHOCCA! The first being a back to school event with our struct Headmistress and the second being our fetish Prohibition Speakeasy event which was just brilliant (we are running one of these events for swingers in November…you will love it!)
  • Our Swinging Italiano style was busy and full of sexy people who just loved the Italian decor, food and ambience. The international events are proving a great success and in October we have an Irish night and in November it is Porn in the USA 🙂
  • We had our first Naturist Sunday on 21st September and we will definitely be doing this again next year. Everyone who attended, loved the liberation and can’t wait for the next event…details to follow.
  • Our Greedy Girls afternoon on the 18th was so busy!!! 8 insatiable greedy girls sent over 30 guys home with a massive smile! lol
  • Our MILF Monday was the big success of the month on the 29th Sept with exactly 100 people joining us for fun from 10.30-3.30pm. People were queuing up outside!! hahaha…what a day! Extra staff were brought in to deal with the demand and it was a mad, crazy, horny day!! BUT everybody was very respectful and the guys present were an absolute credit to themselves; thank you for treating our ladies with the respect and care that they deserve. xx
  • The Big Party in September was Back to School on 27th Sept…there is just something very naughty about schoolgirls and teachers isn’t there? Well we had a club full of sexy schoolies and naughty teachers and they certainly enjoyed the start of the new term!! lol  A great night had by all….this is always a very popular event, thanks to all for coming along xx

So October….it’s going to e a blast!! It has already gotten off to a great start with a fabulous Weds (47 people), our first Kinky Karaoke on 2nd Oct, a chocca BDSM night and a horny swinging night on sat 4th.

The coming weeks bring with them some new events and a return of old favourites:

10th October is our COUPLES ONLY party which is great for those who want a sexy nightwith likeminded couples without single males in attendance. It is just £20 per couple and new couples are very welcome indeed; in fact this is a great first night for new couples as it is not massively busy and daunting.

12th October is a special event for our MALE Gay/Bi members and guests. This is hosted by and they have all sorts of fun and frolix in store!! Advance tickets sales have now closed, but you can still pay on the door for £12 per person. The event starts at 7pm until 1am and already over 50 have purchased advance tickets. There are a couple of overnight stays left too, so for more details, please go to

Our life drawing classes have been well attended and our aspiring artists are doing so well 🙂 We welcome new artists to every class, so please do pop along if you fancy getting creative. The next class is on Thurs 16th Oct from 7pm and is just £5 per person with free juice and biccies. You don’t need to be Michael Angelo to come along and if stick men are your limit, then even better!!! It’s all about having a go, having fun, relaxing and having some ‘you time’.

We have a Rocky Horror BDSM night on Friday 18th October, where RiffRaff will welcome you to castle Frank’n’furters castle to join in the fun and filth!! It’s a night of mayhem, singing, dancing and general madness and people WILL be getting dressed up, so if you fancy dipping a toe into the world of Franknfurter, pay us a visit! £10 per person

Our big party this month is on 25th Oct and of course it’s HALLOWEEN!!!!! It is the 2nd busiest night of the year and it’s always BRILLIANT! If you want to come along, be sure to come along early and most people will dress up…it’s just one of  those nights!!!! lol Prizes will be given for best costumes too 🙂 Our DJ will be getting you all up on the dancefloor before you venture upstairs, so make sure you bring your dancing shoes! A wicked buffet will be provided and we have some overnight stays left, but not for long! If you want to stay, please email me asap on

We have a second Halloween party on 31st Oct for everybody and anybody to attend. So you will see fetishists, TGirls and swingers at this event. It’s just £10 per person, guys don’t need to book and it’s a Mexican Day of the Dead theme! So you will see lots of sugar skulls about! lol If you want to know more about this traditional Mexican Halloween type festival you can see more here  The club will be brightly decorated, there will be fresh fruit, sweets, nuts, mexican cocktails and upbeat Mexican music! We will be setting up a shrine of fire and colour in the yard for you to throw in the names of your dead friends and relatives as a form of rememberance in traditional Mexican style. This is going to be a fabulous night and I hope you can join us!

Just a few things that may be of interest to you….

We are running an STI Health Check clinic on Friday 17th Oct from 8pm – 9.30pm approx. It is free you don’t have to be a member and it is a responsible thing to do if you are a regular swinger. You don’t need an appointment, just drop in!

We have also set up a food bank collection point at the club where you can drop off food donations for our to take in bulk to our local food banks in Birkenhead and Liverpool. The goods need to be non-perishable/have a long shelf life, so things like tinned and dried food is are perfect.

If you haven’t noticed already, we have installed tablets in some of our playrooms to enable you to choose the music you would like to set the mood. The pads are already installed in 2 rooms on the 1st and 2nd floor but will be rolled out to other rooms as soon as we can afford to get more systems in.

Hope to welcome you to Townhouse soon!!!

Much love

Vicky and Jim xxxx