1920’s Speakeasy/Great Gatsby Swinging Party 29th Nov 2014

This is a VERY exciting party for our swingers! We ran the event for our Fetish members earlier in the year and it was phenomenal so we thought we’d treat our swinging members to something a bit different.

If you don’t know what a speakeasy is, then let me set the scene for you.

1920’s America during Prohibition…the consumption and sale of alcohol was illegal, yet their we secret soirees going on everywhere and people would sneak to a Speakeasy for their fix of alcohol and entertainment. The Speakeasy’s were held in unmarked buildings, a password would often be required to gain entry and the interior was poorly lit with low music to avoid attracting attention.

On 29th Nov, Townhouse will be transported back in time with lush surroundings, low lights, 1920’s jazz playing, lush food, bath tub gin and a wonderful live Jazz/blues singer entertaining you before you head upstairs. Dress to impress and why not add a bit of 1920’s style to your outfit? Feathers, beads, pearls, fedoras, braces and tommy guns could accessorise your outfit or you could go all out and wear a flapper dress or pin stripe ganster suit!

A password is required to gain entry and you will be frisked by our doormen for weapons of ass destruction! Your password is Duke Ellington.

See you there!! xx

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