Exciting long weekend ahead!

We are SO excited at Townhouse for the upcoming weekend! I have those nervous butterflies before a busy weekend…I just want everyone to have a good time and get nervous anticipation! lol

Tonight we are welcoming approx 120 filthy Fab Swingers to Townhouse for our first ‘Fab’ social. This is a guestlist only event; if you are NOT on the guestlist, you will not be able to attend. This event is open to people who are members of Fab Swingers only, so email us if you want to go on the list and be ready with your Fab Profile name. We only have 10 places left and I envisage these going by mid afternoon so be quick!

Saturday 28th is our long awaited Mardi Gras night! Advance tickets have sold like hot cakes and our overnight stays are fully booked, so if you want to come along and pay on the door, please please arrive before 10.30pm to guarantee your entry. For more details on the actual event, see the post below this one.

Sunday 1st March (really, it’s March?!!!) is our over 50’s Sunday swinging Special! We open our doors at 5pm until midnight and if you are a couple, only one of you needs to be over 50. This is a very ‘active’ event lol and everybody is welcome

Monday 2nd March is MILF MONDAY!!!!!!! Already I have over 90 people on the list with a 3:1 male/female ratio and there is always a last minute surge, so it’s going to be another busy one!! The single guy list will be closing very soon so get your names down asap. We will take couples and ladies on our list up until Monday morning. This event is not for the faint hearted and is especially brilliant for greedy girls…lets put it this way, there is never a dry sheet left in the club by the end of it! lol 😎


See you all soon….I’ll be a jibbering wreck by Tuesday!

Vicky xxx


Saturday 28th Feb is our BIG MARDI GRAS MASQUERADE PARTY! If Valentines is anything to go by, we highly recommend that you arrive before 10pm to guarantee entry or better still, purchase advance tickets HERE.

So what’s this Mardi Gras party all about?

February in New Orleans means MARDI GRAS!! A festival of colour, fun, flirty frolix and the adult undertone of Bourbon Street. Townhouse will be celebrating Mardi Gras in our own ‘special’ way and we invite you to join us! The club will be decorated in the traditional Green, Purple and Gold carnival colours, heady music will be playing, our DJ will be pumping the sounds from our lounge for those who fancy a dance, delicious food will be laid out for you to indulge and traditional garlands and beads will be provided for you to enjoy.

In Bourbon street, women ‘flash’ for beads and favours; they boast a neck full of beads, advertising their promiscuity! Fancy the challenge of who can collect the most beads? There will be drinks in it! lol Why not dress for the occasion in carnival colours and clothes, but if you don’t fancy going to those extremes, then wear a mask for ultimate mystery and seduction! Overnight stays are available as usual but we anticipate these going quickly, so it’s best to book early!