May was amazing! June will be BETTER! :-)

WOW!!! May was an awesome month of wicked parties, some filled to capacity! We celebrated our 10th anniversary in style, we welcomed the Swingfields crew up north to take over the club, we had a fabulous Scouser party, we hosted our 2nd Murder Mystery party (Carry on Doctor themed…hilarious), we had a busy karaoke night, one of our busiest afternoon greedy girl events, we’ve had some cracking Wednesday nights and the club has seen some more transformations! How do we top this? With Vicky’s Birthday!!!!! pmsl!!

We have lots in store in June including a gin festival on 13th in line with International gin day and the gin festival in Liverpool, we a D Day 1940’s style party on 5th, Vic’s fetish birthday party on 19th (seven deadly sins party) and Vic’s swinging birthday party on 27th (always a capacity night!) We have yet another Fab Swingers social on 26th which attracts around 100 people from all over the NW region and of course, our regular Weds events, Tgirls and karaoke events. You will see more additions to the club also throughout June, but I’m not telling you what they are; we will let you find these for yourself!!!

Just a heads up! If you are planning on coming to Vic’s 40th Party on 27th, PLEASE BE EARLY!!!!! I think people doubt me when I say this and think that I use it as a ploy to get people in! No I don’t!!! When I say ‘Be Early’ it’s because I know it’s going to be a busy night and I don’t want you to be turned away at the door. In case you were still undecided about whether you were coming or not, we are offering a lovely buffet, our DJ will be with us and Vicky is going to be a human buffet for you to nibble from! 🙂

See you all soon!!!!!!!!!!