HALLOWEEN!! Crazy Carnival theme Swinging Party 31st Oct

We actually have 5 Halloween parties on at Townhouse this year, but the main event is on Halloween itself…which is a Saturday night!!

We have all sorts planned for this party which is the second busiest party night of the year, beaten only by New Year!! The theme Creepy Carnival is inspired by the morbid fascination people have with circus sideshows and fear of clowns!! The club will be decorated like a big top circus tent, with lots of macabre mind fuckery!

It would be great if everyone got into the ‘spirit’ of things and came in Halloween fancy dress, but this is not compulsory. If you want to go all out with the theme, your costumes could be creepy clowns, the bearded lady, the strong man, the ring master…any sort of circus ‘freak’ (for want of a more PC word). If you want to go more traditional, then ghouls, witches, vampires, mummies, demons & zombies are more than welcome!!!

Our DJ is with us pumpin out some tunes to get the dancefloor pumping and we are offering a scrummy buffet to keep your energy levels up! Not only are we offering all of this along with our usual fantastic Townhouse welcome and atmosphere, but we are also welcoming a highly respected Medium to the club who will be offering 121 readings for an additional fee of £20; these can be recorded. She will also be doing an hour long group/audience ‘show’, hoping to make contact on this All Hallows eve, when the planes of the dead and the living are said to collide and connections can be made. I think it’s shite myself, but that’s just me! pmsl!

We are looking for the funkiest, craziest and most inventive pumpkin! If you fancy getting creative, then bring your creation along, we will display it and then judge the winner later on in the night. The winner will get a free entry on the night! We are also offering a prize for the best Halloween costume…the prize is a voucher for 2 free entries to the club! Lastly, we want to see if we can set a club record of how many people we can get to do the Time Warp at 11pm!! There’s a free shot in it for you!!! lol

Apart from all this, it’s also a night for filthy fuckery!! Where else would you rather be guys?! All for our usual entry prices! This IS going to be very busy indeed. If you want to guarantee you entry PLEASE ARRIVE BEFORE 10PM!!!! We will also be offering you the option to purchase a ticket in advance which will also guarantee your entry. Overnight stays are available at our usual cheap as chips rates of £15 & £20..PM me to book a room.

***please note that due to the very high overheads at this party, loyalty cards will not be accepted to gain entry, thank you **

One thought on “HALLOWEEN!! Crazy Carnival theme Swinging Party 31st Oct

  1. Would like to attend the Saturday 31st Halloween party, we will be 2 single guys I have been before and im brining a newbie also have friends who are attending and are already booked many thanks mark


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