Swinging 60’s party 5th Dec for Jim’s 50th Birthday!

SWINGING 60’s Party 5th Dec for Jim’s 50th!!!

Jim is in total denial about turning 50, but to prove to him that being on the planet for half a century isn’t the end of the world, we are throwing a party to remember!!…or not depending how much gin he drinks!

As he was born in 1965, we are going back to the swinging 60’s for this party! We will be playing some of the best music from this era in the bar, but if you want more up to date stuff, our DJ will be with us and will be playing a good mix of music to dance to. We will be offering lovely buffet as usual and nibbles on the bar.

The club will be decorated and we are hoping that some of you will embrace the era and dress up! It’s NOT compulsory though, so please don’t stress over a costume, just come along!! If you do want some inspiration though, think hippy/flower power, psychedelic, Elvis, the Beatles, Hendrix, Tye-Dye, short dresses, Twiggy! I will be offering a free entry to the best fancy dress costume!

It was an era of free love, so lets embrace the concept and share some Townhouse lovin’

The normal entry prices apply and the usual limit of 8 single guys who must be members and book.

See you all there!!! xxx


Christmas MILF Monday 7th Dec from 10.30am

Deck the halls with MILF’s and Jolly’s!
It’s our MILF Monday Christmas Party and we are going ‘filthy festive’!
The club will be full of Christmas cheer, with deccies in abundance, but we always need more sparkle and glitz! So if you turn up with something christmassy on or dress down into Christmas kink, you will get 20% off your entry. If you need inspiration, then think christmas ties, jumpers, Tshirts, antlers, undies, lingerie, Mrs Santa…a bit of tinsel won’t do to get your discount, so go for it and think kinky Christmas and filthy festive! lol

MILF Monday is now one of the busiest and most anticipated daytime events in the northwest with between 85 & 100 people at each event. We actually cap our numbers at 100 for your comfort, so this is a GUESTLIST ONLY event. It is open to non members as well as members, you just need to bring ID in with you. As a lot of our ladies are greedy girls, we go for a 3:1 guy/girl ratio at their request, so if you’re shy around a lot of guys this may not be for you. To go on the guestlist, please contact TownhouseTwosome and also read the MILF blog ABOUT MILF MONDAY . Please only go on the list if you can definitely make it, so you are not taking a highly sought after place.

This is an amazing day with play in every corner of the club! The action tends to start early so I would advise that you arrive as close to 10.30am as possible to get the most out of your day. The best thing about this party is the PRICE!!! No rip off prices!! We charge £10 per single lady/guy/couple…don’t forget your discount for your festive togs!

We open at 10.30am and close at 3.30pm, in time for the school bell. We will have Christmassy sweet treats on offer on the bar to keep you going for round 2,3 & 4! It’s going to be a messy one!!!!
See you there! xxx


Grab your Star Spangled Banger Hangers and head on down to Townhouse for our 4th Porn in the USA party which is a USAhuge favourite amongst our members!!!

The club will be decorated in red, white and blue, with stars and stripes everywhere! American Porn, American rock and pop pumping through the bar AND Jack Daniels is just £1 a shot!

It is never compulsory to dress to the theme but if you fancy mucking in, then red, white & blue is a really easy theme…or if you want to be more daring why not wear star shaped nipple tassles?! lol Or the guys could go all Porn Star in the style of Dirk Diggler! Maybe a cheerleader, a bunnygirl, cowgirl, cowboy, sheriff, statue of liberty! If you don’t want to follow the theme, then just bring your gorgeous selves and go all porn star in our playrooms!

A large group of swingers from outside of the area have arranged to come to the club on this night as a ‘coach party’ so it will be great to welcome lots of new guests!

A DJ will be with us and we will be providing a scrummy buffet as always. Overnights stays will be available for our usual great price of £20 per couple and £15 per single.

I expect this to be a very busy night, so please arrive before 10pm to guarantee your entry

See you there!!