FREE/REDUCED Entry Valentines Party 13th Feb


Celebrate Valentines with some filth and debauchery @ Townhouse on Saturday 13th Feb!

We are offering all couples who are members, a £10 entry before 9.30pm and £15 after 9.30pm. Single female members will enjoy a free entry all night and our single guy members will benefit from a £15 entry all night (8 places only) You MUST be on our guestlist to attend as it is going to be BUSY!!!! So please email me.

We are reserving 6 places for new couples as we think this will be a great night for your first and the same prices apply; again you need to be on the list to attend so add your name here or get in touch.

Our DJ will be with us if you fancy a boogie and we will have nibbles on the bar and tables. We are offering overnights if you want to carry on the party but people have already been booking these in advance so we only have a few rooms left.

As you are getting in for a bargain price, we ask that you only purchase drinks from our bar.

Sooo…13th Feb, Big Party, Dancing, Filth, nibbles Ladies FREE Couples £10/£15 before/after 9.30pm Guys £15


Thank youuuuu xxx


Fetish Photography Event 6th Feb 1.30-6pm

Our Fetish tog events are nearly 3 years old…where does the time go?! Anyway….

Our next event runs from 1.30pm until 6pm on 6th Feb and is just £10 Per person. If you are coming to the Fet event the night before, we have some overnight stays available if you don’t want to make the journey home.

We take a guestlist for this event to ensure that we do not have too many people. This is because I want you to have plenty of room to bring any kit, props or outfits without falling over one another. We take around 30 names, so express your initial interest by sending me an email to The last event was BRILLIANT and we had our numbers, so please do get in touch if you can come.

This is a day of Photography for models and photographers of all levels to use our fantastic facilities, nooks and crannies and equipment to try and capture some amazing shots. Photographers do not need to bring models as we usually have enough willing models on the day who would like to work with photographers.

There is no theme or anything just use your imaginations. We have lots of new equipment which look great in shots, including our Fetters bondage wheel, our medieval Gibbet and now we have a newly installed and automated dentist chair 🙂
If you haven’t been to one of our photography events before, here are the rules and guidelines for the day to ensure a safe and consensual experience for all :

This is a day of mutual appreciation for photography of the fetish persuasion! We welcome amateur, semi pro and pro photographers and models to attend. All who attend will have the opportunity to not only take shots but also model for shots if they wish.

We can supply model release forms if you wish but I encourage all those who agree to take shots and model to agree between yourselves on the expected use of the photos taken. So if the model does not want the images to go public, then they are for the models personal use. The model may be ok with the shots being use by the photographer for their portfolio but not to be splattered all over the internet or the model may be happy for the shots to be used freely. The latter would need the model to sign a ‘release form’ so please ask me if you require one of these. Without the release form, the photographer cannot use the photos in the public arena. To ensure that the day goes smoothly and without upset, please get this straight before ANY shots are taken.

Please DO NOT take any general crowd shots. There may be people in the background who do not want to be in shots…also be aware that there are mirrors around the venue; make sure nobody ends up in a shot via a reflection!

If you are setting up a photography rigging, this is fine. Just be mindful that other people may want to use the area at some point in the day….you will have 5 hours so there is no need for hogging!!

You can use any part of the club for shots; indoors and outdoors. We have BDSM equipment over all 4 floors, 2 dungeon rooms, our cellar dungeon and jails, a wet area, newly decorated bedroom areas for boudoir shots and a lush, classy bar! In total we have 13 massive rooms and lots of corridors and nook n crannies…so use your imagination! We do have some props but you’re best bringing your own to save disappointment!

We would prefer it if you did not bring and drink alcohol on the day as we don’t want you falling over expensive equipment! We sell soft drinks and toasties if you work up a thirst/hunger. Please do not bring in your own food and drink.

If you have a lot of equipment, you may bring your car onto the drive or around to the side door to unload to save your legs…we also have plenty of subs who will oblige.
Could you please either park on the main road (no yellow lines) or opposite on the LJMU car park. This is because our regular car park is shared by Bookers Wholesale and they use it in the day….the car park get chocca block with shoppers and I wouldn’t want your vehicles to be damaged by massive trader trollies!!

The venue is open in the evening for another event and we will have 2 hours to clean the club, so we ask that you leave the premises by 6pm and try not to destroy the place too much, Thank you! 😉 x

MILF Monday 1st Feb!!

It’s come around quick this time. It’s already time to get down and dirty for MILF Monday, one of the most talked about daytime events in the northwest!

Monday 1st Feb @ 10.30am til 3.30pm and there’s always a queue so be early! lol There were over 90 people at the last ‘MILF’ and for an event that has been running for 16 months, it doesn’t look like the momentum is slowing down!

This time we are offering any lady a free entry if she brings along another female friend who hasn’t been to MILF Monday before; she will also get a free entry. So if you have any friends who have been talking about coming over but haven’t made it over, then this is the perfect opportunity. If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please state your interest below and I will need either the Fab profile of your friend or their first name if not on Fab.

So what’s it all about? It’s about starting your weekend off with a bang! Meeting new friends and catching up with old ones in the hot tub or at the bar. It’s cheap too!!! We charge just £10 PER FAB PROFILE!!! You will need to bring ID with you even if you have been before and we can supply towels and free condoms for you.

At the request of our ladies, most of which are greedy girls, we go for a 3:1 ratio at this event so there will always be many more guys than girls. To get the ratio right, you MUST be on the guestlist to attend. Guys, please only put your name down if you can definitely make it rather than take a place ‘just in case’.

If you haven’t been before then there is a great blog which you should read before you come along to avoid you being turned away at the door. The link can be found  here

So…1st Feb, 10.30am…be there or miss some of the best daytime filth around! xxx

Naughty and Nice Party 30th Jan

Our end of month parties are always chocca and EPIC! Our themes are just a bit of fun, so don’t think you must dress up, but it adds to the fun if you do!

So are you naughty or are you nice? Are you a filthy devil or a saintly sex goddess? if you fancy dressing up but don’t want to spend out then red/black/purple for our ‘naughties’ and white/silver/gold/pink for our saintlies will sort the good from the Baaaad! lol

Our DJ will be with us if you fancy a boogie and we will, as always, be keeping your energy levels up with a scrummy buffet! We are offering overnights but I am already getting booked up; I only have semi shared rooms left now, which are perfect for couples who know each other and don’t mind sharing a room…or bed, but that’s up to you!!!!

The overnights are £20 per couple and £10 per single. The early overnight bookings are a good indictor and that is going to be a very busy night, so as always, be early!

See you there! xxx


Sorry for the delay in getting this out to you! I have been waiting on confirmation or decline of some of the people who were going to get involved.

Soooo….it’s time for another exciting installment of INDULGENCE! Our all female party! We’ve had loads of these now and they are very well attended and highly anticipated 😀 These parties are all about enjoying what you love and indulging in luxurious nibbles, drinks and sharing our club with your fellow females! You don’t need to be a member you just need to bring ID with you. We always have stuff going on and you can get involved if you want or not…it’s entirely up to you! Some of our girls are gay/bi, some are straight or curious, some come as couples, with friends or alone. We have fetishists coming along as well as those who would normally come on a swinging night. There is no pressure to get involved in anything; use the night for whatever you want! Eat, drink, chat, play, relax and indulge.

We will have 2 different types of alcoholic punch for you to try, guilt free cake, a chocolate fondue and fruit/mallow kebabs….all included in your price!

We have a lovely lady offering body waxing!! So if you fancy a de-fluff, she is taking advance bookings or you can chance it on the night. This is absolutely free and she will was anywhere! If you want to book a place, please PM me.

We have our lovely Sandie with us offering free Indian Head massage and Reiki; you book this on arrival and you can have one or both therapies.

We will have our karaoke set up if you fancy flexing your vocal chords and giving us a tune 🙂

We will also have Twister set up if you want to gt physical! Clothes are optional! lol

It’s just £10 per person and we ask that you don’t bring your own alcohol in with you. We open our doors at 6.30pm until 1.30am

We have overnight stays available if you want to make a night of it. Rooms are £15 for single private rooms, £20 for double rooms and £10 per person for semi shared rooms (you share a room, not a bed….unless you want to!! lol) PM me to book a room and it will need paying for in advance.

See you there!! I’m not working!! Wooohooooooooo!!!