FREE ENTRY PARTY!! Sunday Spit Roast 3rd April

Hey Y’all!!

We have 2 Sunday events each month…the 1st Sunday of every month is our Sunday Spit Roast Party and the 4th Sunday is our Thongs of Praise Kinky Karaoke and play party. Both run from 4pm til 10pm (last entry is 7pm) and both are now FREE ENTRY!!!! All we ask is that you go on our guestlist as the places will be in demand and that you don’t bring your own food/drinks; our bar is very cheap!

So the next party is Sunday 3rd April and it’s our Sunday Spit Roast Swinging Party!!!   So if you fancy ending your week with some free fun, then come along!

It is open to non members and a limited number of single guys…this will be gauged on how many couples/females attend.

So if you want to come along, email

See you there! xxx



Hey Y’all!!

We have 2 Sunday events each month…the 1st Sunday of every month is our Sunday Spit Roast Party and the 4th Sunday is our Thongs of Praise Kinky Karaoke and play party. Both run from 4pm til 10pm (last entry is 7pm) and both are now FREE ENTRY!!!! All we ask is that you go on our guestlist as the places will be in demand and that you don’t bring your own food/drinks; our bar is very cheap!

So the next party is Sunday 27th March and it’s our Thongs of Praise Kinky Karaoke and Play Party!!! So if you fancy stepping up to the mic in your boxers or lingerie, then don’t be shy!! It’s all about having a laugh so you haven’t got to be Adele!! lol oh and you can, of course, remain dressed to sing!

This is not just a karaoke event and we find that there is more sex going on at these events than most others!!!! lol It is open to non members and a limited number of single guys…this will be gauged on how many couples/females attend.

So if you want to come along, email

See you there! xxx

Buy your Poppers from Townhouse before they are made illegal to sell in April

You may or may not know that the legal high Poppers/Rush/Liquid Gold…whatever you like to call it, is going to be made illegal TO SELL from 1st April 2016. So far, it looks like it won’t be illegal to use/be in possession of poppers for personal use after this date, it’s just the selling of which is being changed.

As we knew this was coming in, we bought a load of the stuff so we can supply our members with poppers before this law comes into force so you are not left out in the cold.

As we are a totally legal and above board club, we WILL NOT be selling poppers ‘under the counter’ after this date so if you want any, you need to stock up now!!!

It has been selling like mad and we have approx 90 bottles left out of 500!!! So please do make sure you don’t miss out.

I am happy for people to just pop in to make a purchase even if you are not attending an event, we are even here in the daytime on some days, so you can always call us on the club mobile to see if we are around for you to pop in. I will also post to you if you are happy to cover the postage and packaging.

We have not increased our prices on the bottles, even though they are in demand, they are still £5 per bottle.

Tell you pals so they don’t miss out….I personally like to use it in gas masks! 😉

Changes at the club! :-)

Some Important Changes Coming Up

There are quite a few changes coming up that you all need to be aware of:

Our kinky karaoke/Thongs of Praise karaoke and Sunday Spit Roast Events events will now be FREE Entry from immediate effect but it will be a guestlist event to control numbers, so you will need to email us or call us to go on the list. We ask that you don’t bring any of your own food or drink to these events, because quite frankly, that would be cheeky! lol
So just to remind you…
Our Kinky Karaoke is on the 2nd Thursday of every month
Our Thongs of Praise Karaoke is on the 4th Sunday of every month
Our Sunday Spit Roast Swinging Party is on the 1st Sunday of the month

The times of our Wednesday events are changing from the 1st April. Many people are in work the next day and cannot stay until 3am, so we are changing our times to a 7.30pm opening and 1.30am close.

We will be offering more special FREE ENTRY Saturdays throughout the year as a thank you to our loyal customers. You MUST have a membership card in hand to gain entry on these nights and you MUST be on the guestlist. I will not be advertising these events too far in advance, so keep checking our what’s on page/blog/facebook/swinging sites for announcements.

Some of our branded spirits are going up in price from the 1st April which is our first increase in alcohol prices in 3 years, however, they will also be offered on a doubles bar, so you will benefit from discounted double shots.

The biggest change is that we are having to put up your key/bar tab deposits to £10. We are doing this as people are not being careful with their keys and keep losing them and more importantly, some people have not been able to pay their bar tab due to debit card issues/ not enough cash; we have also had the odd one off guest doing a runner. We are not a charity and this all mounts up. So, please remember, that this is a DEPOSIT. You will get it back when you bring your key back at the end of the night or it will be used to pay towards your bar bill, with any difference refunded if applicable. So you are not losing out at all unless you lose your key. If you lose the key, you lose your £10 and still need to pay your full bar bill. So hopefully this will make people less careless with their keys.

Corkage will be going up to £2.50 per key. So if you bring in 1 alcoholic drink or 15 alcoholic drinks, as long as they are one key number, you will be charged the one corkage fee. Most people actually buy from our bar now as it’s so cheap, but if you would like the privilege of bringing your own alcohol onto a licensed premises (we are the only club to do this) you need to pay a corkage fee for us chilling and serving your drinks, providing ice and garnishes and washing up your glasses. Pretty standard stuff.

Our overnights are going up by £5 per person. So whether you are in a private room or a semi shared room it will be £15 per person across the board. This stops any confusion of staggered pricing as I was always getting asked to clarify! So if you want to stay in the club overnight, it’s £15 per person.

Due to some people not wanting to keep their membership cards and simply discarding them or people being careless with the cards, we are now charging a £5 replacement fee for a lost card; it used to be £3. Everytime someone needs a new card, it costs us money in issuing the actual card, the paperwork to change member details and then amending the database, it is all time and money. I would like to remind single guys that our policy of only 3 replacement cards still stands. If you ‘lose’ your 3rd card, you lose your membership.

ok that’s all folks! Thanks for reading to the end!! lol xxx

INDULGENCE All Female Party 31s March

Our Indulgence parties are highly anticipated now and after 18 months of being a regular feature on our calendar, they are attended by loads of sexy fems who are straight, bi and gay…so it’s an event for everyone!

At every event we have special features and activities for you to enjoy and take part in and this time is no exception!

The main theme of this event is UV! We will have our DJ with us and he will be playing some old school tunes for you to jig to and our UV lights will be lighting up your bits, so maybe wear something white to light up the room! We will also have a UV painting corner for you to decorate each other and some light up jewellery/wands for you to go mad with on the dancefloor! lol

We are welcoming Bondatrix all the way from London who will be doing an amazing UV show with floggers; incidentally, she needs a demo bunny to work on so any volunteers would be most appreciated…I don’t think we will have a problem getting a willing lady!! 😉 lol

Bondatrix is also bringing her stall with her for you to treat yourselves to some new toys! Her stuff is great, so even if you aren’t looking to purchase now, you can take a look at her range for future purchases, so be sure to grab a leaflet and add her to your list of trusted sellers! Here is her website for a sneaky peek!

Our lovely therapist is with us again offering free Indian Head Massage and Reiki so book yourself in on arrival for your 15 mins of pampering!

We will be offering free punch and goodies on the bar as always for your to refuel!

All this for a tenner and we have overnights too for £10 for a shared room and £15 for a private room.

See you there!! xx

Life Drawing and Photography evening 17th March

A evening of drawing, photography and a tog class 17th March from 7pm

Hey guys!
Fancy getting ur creative juices flowing? We are opening the club for an evening of self expression in the form of a life drawing class, the first of our photography classes and togs/models can also turn up to utilise our fab facilities to get some shots for their portfolio. So how will this work?….

Our life classes have been running since 2014 but we’ve had a break from it recently to work on the new format. You don’t have to be Monet to attend, this is all about relaxation, having fun with a pencil and giving it a whirl. The models are always set up in a kinky, fetish or boudoir pose so quite different to what you will find elsewhere. The life class will run from 7pm til 10pm with a break in the middle and it’s £5 per person. No photography will take place in this room while the class is running and artists are free to use part of the night to take some shots around the club if they wish.

The photography class is a formal structure and run by a professional photography and lecturer. There will be 3-4 of these classes in total but you can dob in and out if you wish, you don’t have to sign up and pay for the course, you just pay as you go. The details of the first class are here
And here are the discussions around the format/idea behind the classes

The final part of this evening is for any photographers and models to come along and have free reign to take shots of their choosing around the club for the portfolio. Models may attend without togs and visa versa but as always we don’t provide models so it’s often best to pre-arrange with a model. It is just £5 Per person and I do need you to book for this as I can only take so many people; not much fun if there’s loads of people trying to get into all the areas. This session will run from 7pm til 11pm to give you more time to work.

If you would like to attend any of the featured activities, please state your interest here

See you there! X

Paddys Day Party Saturday 19th March!

paddys day

St Patricks Day Party 19th March!

Better late than never!

With so many Irish folk at Townhouse and Jim’s fambo being Irish, we always go mad for Paddy’s night and have a good old knees up!!

We are celebrating a little late but we are holding our party on Saturday 19th March. This year we are planning a Hooley, with Irish music playing in the bar and our DJ playing dance music for you to jig in the lounge. Nibbles on the bar and tables, green vodka jellies, Irish coffee and of course you are welcome to enjoy a pint of the black stuff. The club will be decorated to set the scene, but it would be good if our guests got into the spirit and dressed for the occasion The Irish tricolor is your inspiration or why not bring the luck of the Irish with you and be a naughty leprechaun!

Come along and get jiggy on the dancefloor before you get jiggy in our playrooms.This is going to be AWESOME and not to be missed!!!

Raise your glasses! –

Here’s to a long life and a merry one.

A quick death and an easy one.

A pretty girl and an honest one.

A cold beer and another one! –

The Irish Toast

Beannachtam na Feile Padraig

SWINGFIELDS Does TOWNHOUSE Mega Party 26th March !

We have been talking about this for some time now and I can finally release the details!

As the official Main Sponsors of Swingfields 2016 and repeat sponsors for the 3rd year, we are very proud to support this fantastic lifestyle event. The Swingfields team are coming up to Townhouse once again for a pre-festival party, which is open to everybody, not just those going to Swingfields.

They are bringing DJ’s with them and will be running charity raffles with several prizes, including festival tickets!!

The usual Townhouse welcome awaits, with a lush buffet, Free punch on tap and we are decorating the club in a festival theme. So, if you want to dress up in hippy/festival gear, be my guest!! Although this is not compulsory at all, just a bir of fun!

We are offering overnights for this party but some have already been taken, so please do book in soon!

This is going to be MEGA BUSY!!! So, please please arrive before 10pm to guarantee your entry. If you want to take the option of buying a ticket to guarantee your entry instead then you may do so here

See you there!