Changes at the club! :-)

Some Important Changes Coming Up

There are quite a few changes coming up that you all need to be aware of:

Our kinky karaoke/Thongs of Praise karaoke and Sunday Spit Roast Events events will now be FREE Entry from immediate effect but it will be a guestlist event to control numbers, so you will need to email us or call us to go on the list. We ask that you don’t bring any of your own food or drink to these events, because quite frankly, that would be cheeky! lol
So just to remind you…
Our Kinky Karaoke is on the 2nd Thursday of every month
Our Thongs of Praise Karaoke is on the 4th Sunday of every month
Our Sunday Spit Roast Swinging Party is on the 1st Sunday of the month

The times of our Wednesday events are changing from the 1st April. Many people are in work the next day and cannot stay until 3am, so we are changing our times to a 7.30pm opening and 1.30am close.

We will be offering more special FREE ENTRY Saturdays throughout the year as a thank you to our loyal customers. You MUST have a membership card in hand to gain entry on these nights and you MUST be on the guestlist. I will not be advertising these events too far in advance, so keep checking our what’s on page/blog/facebook/swinging sites for announcements.

Some of our branded spirits are going up in price from the 1st April which is our first increase in alcohol prices in 3 years, however, they will also be offered on a doubles bar, so you will benefit from discounted double shots.

The biggest change is that we are having to put up your key/bar tab deposits to £10. We are doing this as people are not being careful with their keys and keep losing them and more importantly, some people have not been able to pay their bar tab due to debit card issues/ not enough cash; we have also had the odd one off guest doing a runner. We are not a charity and this all mounts up. So, please remember, that this is a DEPOSIT. You will get it back when you bring your key back at the end of the night or it will be used to pay towards your bar bill, with any difference refunded if applicable. So you are not losing out at all unless you lose your key. If you lose the key, you lose your £10 and still need to pay your full bar bill. So hopefully this will make people less careless with their keys.

Corkage will be going up to £2.50 per key. So if you bring in 1 alcoholic drink or 15 alcoholic drinks, as long as they are one key number, you will be charged the one corkage fee. Most people actually buy from our bar now as it’s so cheap, but if you would like the privilege of bringing your own alcohol onto a licensed premises (we are the only club to do this) you need to pay a corkage fee for us chilling and serving your drinks, providing ice and garnishes and washing up your glasses. Pretty standard stuff.

Our overnights are going up by £5 per person. So whether you are in a private room or a semi shared room it will be £15 per person across the board. This stops any confusion of staggered pricing as I was always getting asked to clarify! So if you want to stay in the club overnight, it’s £15 per person.

Due to some people not wanting to keep their membership cards and simply discarding them or people being careless with the cards, we are now charging a £5 replacement fee for a lost card; it used to be £3. Everytime someone needs a new card, it costs us money in issuing the actual card, the paperwork to change member details and then amending the database, it is all time and money. I would like to remind single guys that our policy of only 3 replacement cards still stands. If you ‘lose’ your 3rd card, you lose your membership.

ok that’s all folks! Thanks for reading to the end!! lol xxx

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