We’ve been getting asked when the next MEMBERS ONLY Free Entry Saturday and it’s going to be on 16th April!

As you all know by now, this event is in massive demand and is a strict GUESTLIST only party so I can keep an eye on numbers…we don’t want to be uncomfortably busy or go over our capacity!

So, you need to be a member AND have your membership card in hand. If you want to come, please state your interest here or if you want to remain private, please PM me.

We are limiting single guys to 8 and again you must be established members.

We’ll have our DJ with us and some nibbles on the bar as usual; we will also be offering overnights if you fancy making a night of it and carrying on the fun it’s £15 per person to stay over with free parking in a locked car park, towels, robes, smellies and a bit of brekkie in the morning

As this would be a great night for newbies, we will be offering 6 places for new couples at a charge of £20, so contact me to take one of these places.


16th April from 8.30pm



Dancing, filth and fun

Be there!

Over to you!! xxxx

9 thoughts on “FREE ENTRY SATURDAY NIGHT PARTY! 16th April !!

  1. Hi there,
    Myself and my boyfriend are new to this whole area and want to try it out.. Maybe push our relationship a bit further.. We are travelling from North Wales and have a babysitter on Saturday next week! I’ve seen you have a members only party! And space for newbies only at £20 per couple.. We would also like to book a room for the night as well.. I really really hope there is space! Can you let me know please?

    Thank you



  2. Hi we are a curious couple in our late forties.We have never been to a club.This seems like the perfect opportunity to dip our toes. Please include us on the guest list for Saturday night April 16th. Lee&Sue


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