Newbies and Notso’s Swinging Wednesdays

UPDATE 4th May 2017 – Just need to let you all know that as from tomorrow 5th April, we are asking that you only purchase alcohol from our very cheap and well stocked bar. This is because the majority of you only pay a fiver to get in and it’s not cost effective for us to allow you to bring your own booze; we have bills to pay!

Please refer to our website for a full price list but as an example a large measure of Smirnoff Vodka is just £2.50 and your mixers star from £1.00.

UPDATE 28th Feb 2017 – These parties have been busy with between 45 & 55 people!!!!! Get yourselves over!

If you are looking to come to the club for the first time, then Wednesdays are great option and it won’t cost you a lot of money either! Each wednesday night we get couples, ladies and single guys in, so somebody for everybody! It’s a great night for our ‘not so newbies’ to grab some mid week filth as well as ease our newbies in gently! 

Our doors open at 7.30pm til 1.30am, so good for  those in work the next day. It’s £5 for single ladies and couples and £20 for single guys; new single guys are introduced to the club on this night to be considered for free membership. Please have a look at the single guy page for full info. 

So, mid week fun with no expectation, no pressure but with the option of playing if the mood takes you. You can even bring your own booze if you want to and have a really cheap night! 

All newbies are shown around the club and given the time to ask any questions and our staff will ensure you are settled in. 

Free parking, free towels, free condoms/lube and the best welcome in the Northwest in the cleanest club! 

Care to join us? xxx 



Our ‘Gin of the Month’ on the oriGIN Bar

We are very proud of our ever growing and evolving oriGIN bar at Townhouse, with gins for every taste and nose. Our staff are well versed in our gins and most are juniper junkies themselves.

At the moment we have 33 gins and our latest addition in Wirral Gin which is also our Gin of the Month! It is a lovely hand crafted, small batch gin made right here on the Wirral. I love it as it can be appreciated by the novice gin drinker as well as the gin snob, like myself! lol  I find that it has a nice bittersweet taste and I think I can even get a hint of spice in there too 😀

We can serve your gin with Fevertree tonic or if you like your gin a bit sweeter, then a small measure of diet lemonade may just satisfy your palete. Your gin will be served in either a Balloon glass or Cooler glass depending on the gin. We have a large selection of garnishes for you to try with your gin, including Lime, Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit, Juniper Berries, Cucumber, Apple, Rosemary, Cinnamon Sticks and Mint.  I personally enjoyed Grapefruit with my Wirral Gin, bringing out the bitter sweetness.

Our gins start from £1.50 to £3.00 per 25ml shot and your Fevertree mixer is £1.00. We do run a doubles bar too on certain gins.

If you would like to try a gin from our bar, then take a look at our oriGIN menu on the bar, chat to our staff and they can advise you accordingly.

Townhouse 11th Birthday Party 28th May!

It’s hard to believe that Townhouse is coming into it’s 11th year and 4 years under our ownership…time flies when you’re having fun!! 😀 😀

Our anniversary parties are always mad and our members come out of the woodwork to help us celebrate.

Our prices remain the same and included will be a lovely buffet, cake, cocktails, a free raffle for a full free year membership to the that’s free entries on any night for a year!!! We’ll also be welcoming a fantastic singer/performer who is doing 2 sets of music for you to boogie to. Our DJ is also with us to keep you going before and after our singer.
There will be one or two other little extras too 😉 😉 😉

I am not taking a guestlist for this party, just arrive before 10pm to guarantee your entry.

We are also offering overnights at £15 per person. I have already taken bookings for these, so if you want to stay, please get in touch asap!

28th May
Mega Party
Food, fun and filth!
Be there!


Desperate Scousewives Swinging Party 14th May


Us scousers like to take the piss out of ourselves! It’s well known that we can handle the jibes as we have a wicked sense of humour!

Well this coming Saturday you can celebrate your inner scouse or be an honorary scouser for the night!!! Liverpool girls are well known for their glamourous make up, massive lashes, scouse brows, painted nails, big hair or even going out in rollers!!!!😮 The guys are designer dapper with a cheeky winning smile to tantilise the ladies….scouse guys can charm the birds out of the trees!!!!
But if you want to take the piss, then grab your curly wig and moustache and join us for a light hearted celebration of everything scouse! Maybe you fancy yourself as as one of the beatles?

Dressing up is not compulsory at all!!! Just come along and enjoy the vibe. Saturdays are always busy and full of sexy people.

KEEP CALM and SWING! or in scouse…. calm down, calm down and get ya jiggy on mate!

Indulgence ALL FEMALE Party 27th May


INDULGENCE has been running since 2014 now and has been a rip roaring success ever since!
We usually hold these events on the 4th Thursday every other month but this month we have changed the day to a Friday so more ladies will be able to make it.

It’s our 11th anniversary so we are having a light buffet including cake of course and as always there will be free cocktails.

INDULGENCE is all about women enjoying the company of women, getting away from the fambo and indulging in some ‘me’ time through some of the things we lay on for you or getting down and dirty for some lady loving! 😀

The theme for this event is ‘GREASE’…think pampering, PJ’s and Pink Ladies! 😀 😀

There is no need to dress up as a Pink Lady (or down into pyjamas), but it adds to the fun! lol

So our pamperings this month are:
Indian Head Massage
Acrylic Nails
There may be a small additional charge towards materials if having acrylic nails.

We will have giant Jenga out with dares on each brick PMSL and Twister..remember the naked/skimpy twister we had? haha

For those who came to our parties last year, you will remember that a load of us (inc me) indulged in some naked frolics on our bouncy castle?? Well we’ll have that out again! But don’t get cross if my hand slips mid bounce! lol 😀

But be sure to make some time to enjoy some jiggy jiggy if the mood takes you as there will be plenty of bi and gay fems who will be horny and looking to be naughty 😀  I seem to recall a mountain of bodies in our group room one time lol

If you want to make it a slumber party, then why not sleep over with us for just £15 each and carry on the party!

Friday 27th May from 6.30pm til 1.30am

All girls (yes, no guys even if you offer to glass collect, wait on, hand out towels, be our doorman lol )

£10 entry

Open to non members

No need to book, but you can express your interest on this forum if you wish.

It’s my night off and as it’s our 11th anniversary, I’ll be letting me hair down!

See you there!


MILF Monday 9th May from 10.30am!


These MILF Mondays really do come around quick!!! lol

It’s time for another instalment of one of the most popular daytime events in the Northwest on Monday 9th May from 10.30am until 3.30pm…just in time for the school bell! It’s cheap too!!!! It’s just £10 PER SINGLE/COUPLE!! For a couple to be eligible for a £10 entry, you must have an established couples profile on a swinging website which has been verified OR have a Townhouse couples membership.

This event usually attracts around 85 people with plenty of ladies who are making the most of their kid free time or have escaped from work for a long lunch! Some of our ladies are greedy girls and so, on their request, we allow more guys than girls in, working at a 3:1 ratio. This means that we must run this as a GUESTLIST only event. If you’re not on the list, you don’t get in.

If you need refuelling during the day or fancy some elevenses then there will be scrummy cake on the bar and of course you can get alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks from the bar.

So if you want to go on the guestlist, please email If you haven’t been before, then you should read the useful MILF Monday BLOG, which will tell you what ID to bring (you won’t get in without it), where to park and what to wear.

People have already been putting their names down for this event, so we have a sizeable list!! Get your names down as soon as you can as the list will close when we have the numbers.

LADIES/COUPLES – If you bring in a new lady/couple then you all get in free!!

See you all there!!!xxxx