MILF Monday @ Townhouse! 1st Aug – Dark Room Debauchery!

Get a babysitter girls and get your sexy bottoms over to Townhouse for some much needed daytime Debauchery!! I’m sure the little darlings won’t miss you for a few hours

Yes it’s MILF Monday once again (they come around quickly!) on the 1st August from 10.30am til 3.30pm. Last month was chocca and loads of fun; don’t miss out this months event guys and gals!

We have a special feature this month too!! A dark room! So if any of the girls fancy getting frisky in the dark then try out our new room if you want to wear a glo band to distinguish yourself as a gal in the dark, then there will be a stash of them outside the room. The room has 2 small areas for one to one or 3some play and a large area for a greedy girl to get down and dirty in the dark, so something for everyone. It can get hot in there so we have cooling units set up. Porn will not be played in this room as it obviously creates light! Lol

As a lot of our girls will need to pay a babysitter, we are admitting ALL ladies in for free to this event. Guys are the usual £10 per person. Everyone needs to book a place so I can keep an eye on numbers; as always we go for a 3:1 guy to girl ratio at the request of our girls as many are greedy girls.

So…..1st August

10.30am til 3.30pm

£10 for guys, Free for ladies, couples £5

Smart Casual dress code

Daytime Debauchery at its very best…

join us??

Vic xxx


Private hire and Themed Parties @ Townhouse

We have been hiring our club out for private parties now for 2 years and it works really well!!

Ever wanted to host your own Swinging party but didn’t want to pay the silly costs of hotels/apartments? Do you have a great idea for a party but nowhere to host it? Do you have a group of friends who want to get together for an evening of fun in private? Do you want to have your hen/stag night somewhere completely different?

There are hire opportunities 5-6 nights a week and our hire costs are very reasonable! We can accommodate most requests, no matter how bizarre they sound and we can provide entertainment/food if you wish.

We can even offer themed nights for your party, which we can ‘sex’ up or just make them fun, including Mad Hatters Tea Party, Beach Party, Festival Party,  Hawaiian Party, James Bond 007 Party, Bollywood Party, Rock n Roll, Speakeasy/Prohibition Party, Harry Potter,  Octoberfest and Dia De Muertas (Day of the Dead), amongst many more.

We are already taking bookings for 2017 and I have a few Fridays left!!

To find out more about our hire opportunities, go to 


JAMES BOND OO7 PARTY 30th July – Licensed to Thrill!

You are required to rendezvous at Townhouse on Saturday 30th July for a very special mission. You must be ready for anything… adopt a disguise and be licensed to thrill! Ensure you are fully equipped with gadgets via ‘Q’ as our guests can be very demanding and you will need your wits about you

To gain entry, you must say the password ‘The Blue Swallow Flies at Dawn’, by this your host will know you accept your mission! You may be handed a coded message but it is For Your Eyes Only so keep it safe. To avoid the admission of unwanted civilians, you will be required to verify your identity….you know what to do. The lady on reception is your friend and will take good care of you, tip her well

It may be unpredictable at times and watch out for Pussy Galore, I hear she is everywhere!! The Man With the Golden Gun is NOT your ally, he has a View to a Kill, so eliminate if apprehended. The other guests will be wearing smart attire and evening dresses, so it will be hard to differentiate between the sick and twisted villains and the innocent bystanders, so mingle and figure out who is who. Try not to be awkward and draw attention to yourself; dancing with guests will deter suspicious eyes.

Vodka Martinis will be offered (shaken not stirred of course) but they are lethal, so keep a clear head! I hear the buffet is to Live and Let Die for too!

This party is like no other…it is adult in nature and you may be invited into rooms to partake in activities of a sensual nature. Although we understand that this is very tempting, remember that you represent Her Majesty’s Secret Service and debauchery whilst on duty is prohibited, not that this has stopped you before!

This party could take you places you have never been before….but with your weapon, you will no doubt live to Die Another Day.

Good luck!!!


Our ALL GIRLS nights have been running for over 1 1/2 years now and they are consistently busy and so much fun!!

The concept of ‘Indulgence’ is an evening of ‘Me’ time. It’s escapism from real life and indulging in some treats, purchases and sometimes, therapies. It’s also a night of fun and filth!!!

The event is open to non members who are bi/gay, bi curious or even straight girls who just want a girlie night!
This month we have all sorts going on early in the evening before the naughty fun starts later! lol

So what’s in stoindulgencere?….
We will have a dark room set up for those who prefer to feel their way! If you need a bit of ‘guidance’ then glo bands will be available to help you along! lol
We will have an Erotic room where there will be massage oils, candles, soft music and foodie treats for you to play around with, i.e. melted chocolate, strawberries, squirty cream…you get the idea lol

Our therapist will be on hand to offer free Indian Head Massage and Reiki as always; it’s the best 15 minutes you’ll have in a long time!! You can book your time slot on arrival.

We will have a fun £10 and under fashion show! I will have a range of sexy skimpies on offer which will all be under £10 and I thought it would be fun if our ladies could model the items for us and do a little strut. Anyone can model for me, regardless of shape, size, age, so don’t be shy!!

We will have our ever popular bouncy castle once again for naked frivolities! lol It should be warmer this time!!!

We will have an amazing local retailer with us selling all sorts of toys and ‘implements’ for you to have fun with later on!

We will also be playing some super fun games to get everyone laughing, relaxed and in the mood for some naughtiness later on! Great for those who are new to the club or still finding their bisexual ‘feet’ lol I will give you some clues about the games as the event draws nearer!

We get anywhere upto 50 ladies at this party and we have such a great laugh! Nobody is left out as our greeters/ hosts make sure that everyone is included and made to feel welcome. The dress code is whatever you feel comfortable in…no strict code for this party to facilitate that relaxed and no pressure vibe.

Please RSVP here
(this event is advertised elsewhere and non fetishists will be coming)

28th July
6.30pm til 1.30am
£10 entry
Non members more than welcome

See you there…I’m not working
Vicky xxx


LOADS of you have been asking for a daytime Couples and Single Ladies party at Townhouse…your wish is my command! lol

So bunk off work, have a long lunch, make up a dentist appointment, drop the kids at school, sod the housework and get yourself over to Townhouse on 14th July from 11am until 4pm!

You don’t have to be members and you don’t have to stay for the whole day or arrive on opening, just join us when you can.It’s just £10 per couple and £5 per single female. Couples MUST have an established couples profile on  swinging site which is verified or a Townhouse couples membership.

Smart casual dress code. You’ll need ID if you’re not a member and we will show you around on arrival to get your settled in. We’ll throw some nibbles on the bar for you too

If you can’t make it yourself, tell your friends about the event and lets make this a success so we can continue running it in the future


Daytime Debauchery

Couples and Females only

14th July

11am til 4pm

£10 entry

Grab your best knickers and head on over!

See you there!!

Vic xxx

Swinging Social and Play Party 22nd July

Running for well over a year, these nights are great for those who are new to the scene and want to see what we’re all about. They are also good for those who just want to chill in a swinging environment, with swinging pals and no expectation to play at all….although there is usually plenty of play upstairs and out of the way of the social areas!! 😀

Open to anybody and everybody including non members but you must be on the guest list to attend, even if you hold a membership.

Doors 8.30pm-3am with the last entry to the club being 10.00pm unless arranged in advance with the club.

If you’re already a member of Townhouse, please bring your membership card, if you’re not then you will need to bring driving license ID or you will be refused admission to the club; if you don’t have a driving license then a passport AND utility bill will be acceptable.

Although this is a ‘SOCIAL’ all the facilities at Townhouse will be open So if you just want to be social, there is a great bar area and also an entertainment lounge or even the Jacuzzi. If you want to explore the rest of the club, feel free and if you want to be more than a bit social, then take full advantage of the club play areas 😉 lol

The club is fully licensed and we have a well stocked bar. As this will be a private party (someone hires the club to run this event),  you can’t bring in your own drink; all drinks must be purchased from the Townhouse bar. Anyone found drinking their own alcohol or soft drinks will be asked to leave without a refund.

This is a fabulous night and a firm favourite on the Townhouse calendar



Once again Sassy and Stu will be holding their private party for couples and single females!! Their previous parties have been absolutely brilliant and they are brilliant hosts.

The theme this time is *WILLY WONKA* There will be some yummy nibbles on the bar and  lots of chocolate of course!! A new SEXY DJ will be playing your favourite tunes at this party too, some bring your dancing shoes! You may even be lucky enough to win the Golden Ticket!

If you want to dress for the theme (THIS IS OPTIONAL!) then you haven’t got to go mad or break the bank; even an accessory can be enough to make a statement. Some people are suggesting that they will wear fake tan and be an oompa loompa! Remember the cowboy ‘Mike TV’?  Well you could be a cowboy/girl. You could wear an all blue outfit and be Violet, you could wear a top hat and tails and be Willy Wonka, or you could wear a dress and fur coat and be Veruca Salt lol

Doors open @ 8.30pm-3am with last entry to the club being 10.30pm.

PRICES: Couples – On door-£25/Online ticket-£15,  Single fems – On door£10/Online ticket-£5  To save money and book your tickets online please follow this secure link

Please pop your names down on our guestlist by emailing so we can put you on our guest list.Couples must be verified on a swinging site or have a couples Townhouse membership. If you are not a member of Townhouse, you must bring along 2 types of ID or you will be refused admission to the club.

Townhouse has a fully licensed, well stocked bar. This is a private party so you will not be allowed to bring in your own drink, ALL drinks must be purchased from Townhouse.

OVERNIGHT STAYS are available on this night which cost only £15pp. If you are interested in this,  please email us or use the ticketing link above to book there. You will need £10 deposit for your locker. The number on your key is also your tab number for the bar. At the end of the night you hand your locker key back and pay your tab.

See you there!! xxx