JAMES BOND OO7 PARTY 30th July – Licensed to Thrill!

You are required to rendezvous at Townhouse on Saturday 30th July for a very special mission. You must be ready for anything… adopt a disguise and be licensed to thrill! Ensure you are fully equipped with gadgets via ‘Q’ as our guests can be very demanding and you will need your wits about you

To gain entry, you must say the password ‘The Blue Swallow Flies at Dawn’, by this your host will know you accept your mission! You may be handed a coded message but it is For Your Eyes Only so keep it safe. To avoid the admission of unwanted civilians, you will be required to verify your identity….you know what to do. The lady on reception is your friend and will take good care of you, tip her well

It may be unpredictable at times and watch out for Pussy Galore, I hear she is everywhere!! The Man With the Golden Gun is NOT your ally, he has a View to a Kill, so eliminate if apprehended. The other guests will be wearing smart attire and evening dresses, so it will be hard to differentiate between the sick and twisted villains and the innocent bystanders, so mingle and figure out who is who. Try not to be awkward and draw attention to yourself; dancing with guests will deter suspicious eyes.

Vodka Martinis will be offered (shaken not stirred of course) but they are lethal, so keep a clear head! I hear the buffet is to Live and Let Die for too!

This party is like no other…it is adult in nature and you may be invited into rooms to partake in activities of a sensual nature. Although we understand that this is very tempting, remember that you represent Her Majesty’s Secret Service and debauchery whilst on duty is prohibited, not that this has stopped you before!

This party could take you places you have never been before….but with your weapon, you will no doubt live to Die Another Day.

Good luck!!!