Staff Wanted!!

Due to the clubs success, some people moving on to better things and more days/nights on our calendar, we need more staff!

I am looking for somebody quite specific though, so please read this before contacting us!

We already have core staff who take most of the shifts available. What we are looking for is a person who can fill in for us and take maybe 1 shift a week..sometimes more depending on holidays and sickness.

The main thing for me is that you need to be an established member of Townhouse. You need to understand fetish, swinging and our LGBT members needs. You need to be flexible and not afraid to work your socks off at times.

The most important thing is that you fit into our little family. We work well as a team and have each others backs, so I don’t want to disrupt the balance we enjoy at Townhouse. So you could be the best bar person in the world, but if I don’t think you will fit into our team, I won’t offer you the job.

The work is not just bar work….AND it is work!!! I am sick of people floating in, thinking that it’s all about having a good time and dropping shifts when it doesn’t fit in with their lives. Our staff are workers…not on a jolly! You drop me…I drop you, simple.

You need to be charismatic, be able to make conversation when you have a few nervous newbies at the bar on a quiet night not speaking to one another. You need to help people gel together and get each other talking. You need to have a banter, take friendly jibes and give it back, but diplomatically. You need to be very open minded!! I don’t mean about sexuality, gender, kink etc…I mean about what people choose to do when they are at Townhouse. You could be pouring drinks at one end of the bar whilst somebody gives a blowjob at the other end of the bar. You CANNOT be shocked or have opinions on other peoples shit.

I don’t want quiet wallflowers, I don’t want overt divas, I don’t want people who just want to earn extra money, I don’t want slackers, I don’t want people who will just turn up, do a job and go home.

The Townhouse staff are special and love the club as much as we do. They do it because they want it to succeed and will give a bit extra to ensure that the punters have a good night.

The job isn’t just bar work. You need to be physically able to run up and down the stairs several times through the night. So if you have limited mobility, this is not for you. You will be changing mucky beds, picking up used condoms, cleaning up others people cake and food (!), cleaning toilets, changing hand/toilet rolls & dealing with difficult customers who may break the rules.

You will need to be ok handling meat as you will be making a shit load of toasties.

You need to be a good sport as some people will grind you down.

You need to be a counsellor as some people treat the staff as therapists…really!

You need to have an attention to detail as I am a stickler for it…I like things done a certain way…people notice the small things and it’s very important to me.

You need to drive or be driven…you can’t drop shifts coz you haven’t got a lift and can’t get home.

You need to be ok working on full steam until 3.15am.

You need to be local, so within 40 mins MAX

It would be beneficial if you can handle your ale as we go on benders as a team and it gets messy! A love and knowledge of gin would also be good, but not essential.

Once you commit to a shift, you should do it unless you are dying or contagious.

I can’t stand flaky people….if you are ‘precious’ you need not apply.

You need to be flirty. Our swingers like to hear how good they look.

You need to be tactile. We like to hug and our customers like it too. If you have a problem with personal space, you won’t like our narrow bar.

You need to be over 18

I would prefer someone who doesn’t already have a full time job or a job that needs you to get up early after a 3.15am finish. Those who have a job already need to treat this with as much importance as their other job (s) and if you let me down because you are tired/stressed/overworked elsewhere , you won’t last long. Having small children is not an excuse to not do a shift unless they are ill. If you have small children, make sure you have a list of babysitters to help you out. If you don’t…don’t apply. You need to turn up with a smile on your face, even when you feel like shit and I don’t want sagging behind the bar, yawning and checking phones every 5 minutes. You are on point or not at all.

You need to answer to Me. I’m actually really nice and a good boss until you really piss me off.

I will give preference to males (or those who identify as male) at this stage as we are female heavy, but if you are female and I think you fit the bill, then you get the job regardless

Don’t whine at me over discrimination over disability, being a parent or gender as we are classed as a ‘private members club’ with certain employment terms and we don’t need to follow the same legislation as other businesses.

If you still fancy it, email me

If I say No to you, don’t be insulted, I just may feel that you won’t fit into our current team. If you are NOT an established member, DON’T CONTACT ME .

Thank you

Vicky xx

4 thoughts on “Staff Wanted!!

  1. Hi ,ts ROBIN,,I am good all rounder,, around the corner/bend/AGAIN,, HA HA I WANT THAT JOB.PROBLEM SOLVED. RESULT,,



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