FREE ENTRY SATURDAY – Members Party 12th November

A lot of you already know about this FREE ENTRY party as we’ve been talking about it at the club, but now it’s official!

As you all know by now, this event is in massive demand and is a strict GUESTLIST only party so I can keep an eye on numbers…we don’t want to be uncomfortably busy or go over our capacity!

So, you need to be a member AND have your membership card in hand. If you want to come, please state your interest  by emailing us

We are limiting single guys to 8 and again you must be established members with a membership card in hand.

We’ll have our DJ with us and some nibbles on the bar as usual; we will also be offering overnights if you fancy making a night of it and carrying on the fun it’s £15 per person to stay over with free parking in a locked car park, towels, robes, smellies and a bit of brekkie in the morning

As this would be a great night for newbies who want to attend on a party night,we will be offering 6 places for new couples at a charge of £20, so contact me to take one of these places.


12th November from 8.30pm



Dancing, filth and fun

Be there!

Over to you!! xxxx

Rocky Horror ‘Sing a long’ – Projector is working! Stress over lol

We have a sing a long Rocky Horror night on Friday 21st Oct and we have a group of actors coming along hoping to have the movie projected onto our 7ft screen. Well our projector is older than our laptop and to get the two communicating has been a NIGHTMARE!

Anyway after lots of cursing, gin, deliberating and Googling, we managed to get it sorted and we are ready to goooo!!! YAY! Can you tell I’m happy? hahaha

I may just have to have another gin to celebrate! I’m not working tonight so what the hell?! lol

It’s going to be an awesome night if you fancy a dance, sing and a giggle

Vicky xxx


FLASH SALE! Saturday Night Swinging 22nd Oct – Discounted entry

Saturdays are always fantastic with a great mix of people! But for this Saturday only, we are having a Flash Sale and we are offering a £10 discount on entry to couples and guys and a free entry to Ladies (inc TGirl members) if you contact me by email and quote ‘Filthy Swinger’ lol

If you do this, I will add you to my guestlist for discounted entry.

See you there xx

New Events and Changes

We have some exciting new events coming up and we are stopping some to make room! lol

We are introducing a BBW Party (Big, Beautiful Women) to our calendar due to so many people asking for a specific night. The event is being hosted by one of our beautiful, voluptuous ladies who can’t wait to get the party started! The first event is on Thursday 17th November and will be run every 2 months after that. Keep an eye on the calendar and our blog for info

We are also delighted to welcome our friends from Eureka who are bringing their brilliant Cubs and Cougars event to Townhouse!!! This will also be run bi-monthly with the first event being on Thursday 15th December. Details will be posted on our blog soon!

Our Sunday Spit Roast events will be stopping with immediate effect and we will be using the Sundays for some niche events, which will be advertised as and when they occur.

Our Kinky creative events will also be stopping after 2 1/2 years. It’s been a great addition to our calendar but I think they have run their course now, so we are bowing out of that one for now, but we are still running our photography events.