New Events and Changes

We have some exciting new events coming up and we are stopping some to make room! lol

We are introducing a BBW Party (Big, Beautiful Women) to our calendar due to so many people asking for a specific night. The event is being hosted by one of our beautiful, voluptuous ladies who can’t wait to get the party started! The first event is on Thursday 17th November and will be run every 2 months after that. Keep an eye on the calendar and our blog for info

We are also delighted to welcome our friends from Eureka who are bringing their brilliant Cubs and Cougars event to Townhouse!!! This will also be run bi-monthly with the first event being on Thursday 15th December. Details will be posted on our blog soon!

Our Sunday Spit Roast events will be stopping with immediate effect and we will be using the Sundays for some niche events, which will be advertised as and when they occur.

Our Kinky creative events will also be stopping after 2 1/2 years. It’s been a great addition to our calendar but I think they have run their course now, so we are bowing out of that one for now, but we are still running our photography events.



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