New Years Eve Party! Le Masque et la Plume

New Years Eve at Townhouse is always the hottest party on our calendar with a guaranteed capacity crowd! It’s the party of all parties with members coming from far and wide to join in the fun J

The theme, Le Masque et la Plume may give you an idea of what we are aiming for…it’s a formal attire evening with an optional choice of masks and/or feather boas (obviously for the ladies). Dress to impress and dust down your suits guys; nothing better than a man in a suit! Ladies, it’s all about the glamour!

Our DJ will be with us to take us to midnight and count us in. We will be providing a luxurious buffet,  welcome bubbly and sweet treats on the tables.

As always, we are not increasing our couple prices for NYE! We ask that you don’t bring your own alcohol for this party and purchase from our well stocked bar instead. Full Loyalty cards are not accepted for entry to this party due to the high overheads.

£25 per couple

£10 per single female

Our 8 single guy places have already gone

We were offering overnights but all have these have been snapped up I’m afraid

Tickets for this party can be purchased from our SECURE ticketing website which is 3rd party and will not show up as Townhouse on your bank statement; here is your link to buy a ticket

Doors open at 8.30pm and we close at 3am. Last entry for this party is 10.30pm

We can’t wait to welcome you all to Townhouse to see in 2017!!

See you there!




Fancy a laugh guys?! Want to win 6 months worth of free entries to the club whenever you want?? Well let me tell you all about DRAGTASTIC !

What we are looking for are guys who are prepared to drag it up, strut their stuff on stage and through the whoops of the crowd, prove to us that you are worthy of the prize. You don’t need to do any special tricks…it’s not a talent show, it’s all about having a giggle!!

It would be good if you could spend the time to do your make up at home, sort some clothes and maybe even a wig BUT as many of you know, I have been working with the trans community for years and have quite an extensive wardrobe of clothes, large size shoes and wigs. We also have a make up artist with us who will even make you beautiful!

To enter yourself into the competition, just email me on If you want to use our clothes/shoes, I will need some details from you to get the right fit. This competition is only open to members who hold either a gold couples card or a silver single guy card. This competition is not open to TGirls who hold the female pink card; lets face it, you would have an unfair advantage and we have a beauty pageant just for you every year! 😉

This is also our swinging party and the Dragtastic event is our way of breaking the ice for you, having a laugh and getting you involved in a belter night! So after our Dragtastic champ has been crowned, it will be business as normal and I expect some swinging filth 😉 lol

It’s a cheap entry night too!


£20 per couple

£20 per single guy

Free for ladies and TGirls

Sooooo, come on over to Townhouse for what is set to be a BRILLIANT night of fun, laughter and filth! Don’t forget guys, register your place for the Dragtastic competition!

See you there!



MILF MONDAY!! 5th Dec – Christmas Party!

It’s Christmas!!!!! So we are having a MILF Monday Christmas Party!!

It’s our usual packed out day of gorgeous MILF’s and super horny guys with a festive twist We are having a fundraiser for Save the Children (you may have seen it on telly?). Wear a Christmas jumper and we will donate £2 of your entry fee to the charity. Your jumper can be sexy, funky, cheesy or whatever takes your fancy, but let’s make Yule…cool

Our DJ will be with us in the lounge, so forget that it’s daytime and have a boogie or even a sing….I’ve got to hear someone sing Fairytale of New York!!!We will have lots of festive goodies on the bar for you to indulge too.

Let’s not forget why we are really here though? We are here for some good old daytime debauchery in Milf Monday fashion! Our usual 3:1 guy to girl ratio will apply, making this a strict guestlist only event! Sooooo, get your names on the list to guarantee your place! Email us  As places are always in demand, please only put your name down if you can definitely make it.

For those who haven’t been to MILF Monday before, it is the busiest daytime event around starting at 10.30am and finishing at 3.30pm. We make it fair too and charge the same price across the board at just £10 per single/couple. You will need to bring driving licence ID with you or something with your address on; a passport alone won’t do.

For newbies, have a look at this for important information.


5th December

10.30am til 3.30pm

£10 per single guy/couple

Wear a funky Christmas Jumper and we will donate £2 to charity

DJ with karaoke

Christmas treats on the bar

A barrel load of festive cheer

Be there xxxxx

Websites down 23rd Nov

Hi all

Just a quickie to let you know that all of our websites will be down intermittently for maintenance on the server.

The club is open as usual, so don’t go worrying that the club is closed just because you can’t get on the website.

If you have any urgent questions, please call the club mobile on 07788634850

Thanks for your patience

Vicky xx

Forthcoming MILF Monday dates 2017

As a lot of your know, our MILF Mondays are super busy daytime events even after over 2 years of being part of the Townhouse calendar! People flock from all over the country for this daytime event which really is something special; people even fly over from Ireland especially! lol

We usually run the events on the first Monday of the month but due to school holidays and bank holidays, this isn’t always the case. One of our Irish guests asked for our 2017 dates to enable them to book flights, so I thought I may as well publish the dates for everyone so you can get planning those annual leave days 😉

Here we go….2017 dates:

9th Jan

6th Feb

6th March

3rd April

8th May

5th June

3rd July

7th Aug

11th Sept

2nd Oct

6th Nov

4th Dec

Don’t forget that this is a guestlist only event and if you want to attend, you must be certain you can make it and email me to go on the list  More general information can be found about MILF Mondays here


1920’s Speakeasy/Great Gatsby Party 26th Nov

This is a VERY exciting party which I know you’ll love! We have run the event before for our swingers and separately for our Fetish members a couple of years ago and it was phenomenal so we thought we’d treat you all to it again!

Gin joints and Speakeasy’s are a big thing in Liverpool but our own gin bar puts most of them to shame! lol

If you don’t know what a speakeasy is, then let me set the scene for you…….

1920’s America during Prohibition…the consumption and sale of alcohol was illegal, yet there were secret soirees going on everywhere and people would sneak to a Speakeasy for their fix of alcohol and entertainment. The Speakeasy’s were held in unmarked buildings, a password would often be required to gain entry and the interior was poorly lit with low music to avoid attracting attention from the Prohibition Police. The era was also a time of flamboyance and women shedding their inhibitions, so it’s a perfect event for our guests!

On 26th Nov, Townhouse will be transported back in time with lush surroundings, low lights, 1920’s jazz playing, lush food, our own bath tub gin and an opportunity to have a bop before you head upstairs. Dress to impress and why not add a bit of 1920’s style to your outfit? Feathers, beads, pearls, fedoras, braces and tommy guns could accessorise your outfit or you could go all out and wear a flapper dress or pin stripe gangster suit!

The Speakeasy will be restricted to the bar with our lounge being up to date with modern music for you to dance to….the door will be closed over to the lounge to keep the noisy frivolities contained…we don’t want to attract the Prohibition police now do we?

Our own bathtub gin will be available at just £1.00 per shot!! Dare you sample the Townhouse moonshine? I promise it’s actually nice and won’t corrode your guts! Lol

A password is required to gain entry and you will be frisked by our doormen for weapons of ass destruction! Your password is Moonshine

Couples – £20 before 9.30pm/£25 after 9.30pm (loyalty cards accepted)

Females – £5

TGirls – £10

Single guys – £30 There is a restriction of 8 single guys who must be members and book in advance.

Doors 8.30pm til 3am.

Last entry is 11pm (9.30pm for new couples)

See you there!!!

Birkenhead Tunnel Closures 11th Nov – 14th Nov

The birkenhead tunnel will be closed from 9pm on 11th November until 6.30am Monday 14th November. This means that those coming from Liverpool or those who rely on the Birkenhead tunnel, will need to use the Wallasey tunnel instead which is approx 8 mins drive from the club. I have attached a map below and as you can see, there are lots of different routes. I have started the route from Gorsey Lane which is the first exit left straight from the tunnel tolls.




Many of you LOVE our oriGIN bar which now has 36 gins on it for you to sample and enjoy! But we are delighted to welcome the Wirral Gin Festival to Townhouse especially for our members!!

For £10 entry you will gain entry to the festival and will receive a Wirral gin balloon glass for you to take home and lots of gin related treats for you to sample, such as gin and tonic crisps, chocolate infused with gin and other unusual things to titillate all you juniper junkies!

The distillers will be giving a brief insight into gin distilling and what makes a good quality gin, how to taste gin properly and it’s ‘nose’ and they will bring 24 gins with them. You will be given a booklet with ‘gin runs’ on them which you may want to follow.

The Blue run – Traditional gins
The Red run – Unusual gins with interesting spices and floral notes
The Black run – Strong gins with heavy juniper that all pack a punch!
Your fevertree tonic is complimentary as are your condiments which include: Rosemary, Mint, Grapefruit, Lime, lemon, Olives, Orange, Cucumber and Apple

To sample the gins, there will be an extra charge. The gins can be purchased separately or you can buy a ‘package’ which will get you 5 gins of your choice.

The festival starts at 6.30pm so we advise that you arrive between 6 & 6.30pm; the festival will last a couple of hours but the club will be open until 11pm if you wish to purchase refreshments from our own bar and carry on the festivities!

Tickets can be purchased here

See you there x