1920’s Speakeasy/Great Gatsby Party 26th Nov

This is a VERY exciting party which I know you’ll love! We have run the event before for our swingers and separately for our Fetish members a couple of years ago and it was phenomenal so we thought we’d treat you all to it again!

Gin joints and Speakeasy’s are a big thing in Liverpool but our own gin bar puts most of them to shame! lol

If you don’t know what a speakeasy is, then let me set the scene for you…….

1920’s America during Prohibition…the consumption and sale of alcohol was illegal, yet there were secret soirees going on everywhere and people would sneak to a Speakeasy for their fix of alcohol and entertainment. The Speakeasy’s were held in unmarked buildings, a password would often be required to gain entry and the interior was poorly lit with low music to avoid attracting attention from the Prohibition Police. The era was also a time of flamboyance and women shedding their inhibitions, so it’s a perfect event for our guests!

On 26th Nov, Townhouse will be transported back in time with lush surroundings, low lights, 1920’s jazz playing, lush food, our own bath tub gin and an opportunity to have a bop before you head upstairs. Dress to impress and why not add a bit of 1920’s style to your outfit? Feathers, beads, pearls, fedoras, braces and tommy guns could accessorise your outfit or you could go all out and wear a flapper dress or pin stripe gangster suit!

The Speakeasy will be restricted to the bar with our lounge being up to date with modern music for you to dance to….the door will be closed over to the lounge to keep the noisy frivolities contained…we don’t want to attract the Prohibition police now do we?

Our own bathtub gin will be available at just £1.00 per shot!! Dare you sample the Townhouse moonshine? I promise it’s actually nice and won’t corrode your guts! Lol

A password is required to gain entry and you will be frisked by our doormen for weapons of ass destruction! Your password is Moonshine

Couples – £20 before 9.30pm/£25 after 9.30pm (loyalty cards accepted)

Females – £5

TGirls – £10

Single guys – £30 There is a restriction of 8 single guys who must be members and book in advance.

Doors 8.30pm til 3am.

Last entry is 11pm (9.30pm for new couples)

See you there!!!

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