The Wirral ‘Munch’ – BDSM Social 10th Jan


Our new format Wirral munch is taking off and everyone loves the choice of play…or no play! lol

So the next munch is Tuesday 10th January from 7.30pm until Midnight…we’re all short of cash after Crimbo so you can still catch up with your kinky friends for free by attending our Munch 😀

This is what will be happening in short…….

Socialising from 7.30pm til midnight
Optional play from 7.30pm til midnight
Kinky Creative Writing from 7.30pm until your creative juices are depleted
Board Games from 7.30pm

Hosts this month:
Moi – Lady C
Possibly The_Pervert and TopTotty

Entry prices:
Just socialising? It’s free entry
Intending to play? It’s £5 entry
Joining the writing group? It’s free entry

RSVP here  if you are a member of Fetlife. If not email



If you want fine detail…here it is:

The Wirral Munch is first and foremost, a munch for those who want to meet and chat to people who are new or experienced in the BDSM scene. The whole ground floor of the club except for the lounge on this occasion will be ‘social’ only and those who do purely want to socialise, may do so free of charge in the knowledge that they will not be exposed to anything they do not wish to see. By ground floor, we mean the bar, the wet area, all toilets and the smoking area. We ask that you do not bring in ANY drinks or food to the munch (cake by prior agreement for birthdays is fine) and purchase from the bar.

Our Kinky Creative Writing group is facilitated by @Paintedlady198 it’s a great group and it works really well! If you are interested in taking part, just turn up with your notepad and pen…no previous writing experience necessary. The group will gather from 7.30pm; try not to turn up too late as you will miss out on the fun!

The cellar and the 1st/2nd floor play rooms will all be open for you to use for BDSM play. So, the munch is also a play munch but it will be kept completely separate from the social areas. Those who come in with their kit and a clear intention to play (whether they do or not) will be charged a £5 entrance fee. You may use both the social and the play areas, but all play MUST be confined to the play areas only.

We ask that there is no public nudity or even semi nudity in the social areas on the ground floor. Think like you are in a bar in Liverpool and how you would behave and dress. If you are playing upstairs and wish to go to the ground floor bar for a drink, we ask that you do so fully clothed. We just don’t want our newbies exposed to anything BDSM until they are ready and the munch is a great way to take baby steps and remain in control of what you see and do.

We will be incorporating other activities in the munch as ice breakers and a way to meet new friends. We will have some board games set up for you to play and some playing cards. The games will be a mixture of 2 player and group player games. These will be set up in the lounge by the stage, so help yourself.

Those who want to just socialise and play games will enjoy a free entry, only those who want to use our playrooms will be charged. We are running this on a trust basis, so please don’t abuse this trust and use our playrooms without paying an entry fee as that is just not cool.

We will be playing some cult movies on our TV’s, such as the secretary, Rocky Horror and Preaching to the Perverted. These will be on silent and just on in the background.

We will be asking everyone to take a locker key number as their bar tab and pay the £10 deposit that we insist upon at every other event; it just makes it easier for us to run a tab for your drinks. If you want to check your tab throughout the night to make sure you are not over spending, then that is not a problem.

So to summarise….
10th January
7.30pm til midnight
Free if just socialing
£5 per person if using the dungeons/playrooms
Dress code is whatever you want but no nudity in the social areas.
Please only eat and drink items that have been purchased from our bar.

If you have any questions, then please direct them to me directly or add a message below and I will get back to you asap.

Thanks one and all for your continued support and let’s continue to get this munch on the kink map!!!

Much love
Lady C
Host and owner of Townhouse xxx

New Years Eve Warm Up Party 30th Dec

If you have missed out on tickets for NYE or have other plans, then don’t fret! We have a warm up party on 30th Dec for you to indulge in! Historically it’s a great night as people need some much needed escapism from Christmas and the fambo!! lol

This is mainly a couples and single ladies night, but we are offering 6 places to established single guy members who book in advance; this means that our guys are gudduns and know how to present themselves on these nights.

Just £20 per couple before 9.30pm and £25 afterwards. £5 per single female and £30 per single guy.

No frills, no gimic, just good old swinging and partying 😀



Just  quick message to wish all of our guests, past and present, a VERY Merry Christmas!! Hoping you are enjoying some down time with your loved ones before the madness of New Year.

We re-open on 28th Dec for our usual mid week madness, then our New Years Eve Eve party which is always a good night for those who have other plans for NYE. Our big NYE party is tickets only so make sure you get your tickets asap as we don’t have many left. Details of the party can be found here

You can get your tickets here

Enjoy the festive holiday guys!!!

Vicky and Jim xxxxxxxx

Big Christmas Party 17th Dec!


Always a great night and always a lock in, so be early!

We are full of festive cheer at Townhouse…the decs are up, the Christmas tunes are playing and the Christmas treats are on the bar!

Grab your sexy Christmas stockings or your cheesy christmas jumpers and head on over to Townhouse for your pre Christmas fix of swinging frivolities! We will be serving a sumptuous buffet to keep you fuelled for the night ahead and bring your dancing shoes too as there will be a DJ.

£20 per couple before 9.30pm/£25 per couple after 9.30pm

£20 per single guy

£10 per TGirl

£5 per single lady

Deck the halls with filth and jollies at Townhouse this Christmas!

See you there!



This is going to be an epic night as always for Jims birthday!

It is a retro themed party with old school and 80’s music in the bar and the FABULOUS RANDY KING is back to entertain you in the lounge!!! If you have ever been to Liverpool over the weekend  to watch live music, then you would have seen/heard Randy King. He is an brilliant motown and 70’s singer who always goes down a storm when he drops by Townhouse, so get your dancing shoes on folks!!!

We will be providing a light buffet to keep you fuelled for dancing….and more!!! lol 😉

This is not to be missed and we highly recommend that you arrive early to guarantee your place.

The usual prices apply 🙂

See you there!