Fancy Some New Profile Pics? 4th Feb….Join us?


Our next event runs from 1.30pm until 6pm on 4th February and is just £10 Per person. I don’t usually have a theme, but as it’s February, then maybe you would like to use a kinky boudoir theme or red? 🙂

We take a guestlist for this event to ensure that we do not have too many people. This is because I want you to have plenty of room to bring any kit, props or outfits without falling over one another. We take around 30 names, so express your initial interest by clicking the RSVP and then when you know for sure that you are going to be there, PM me. Previous events have been BRILLIANT and we had our numbers, so please do get in touch if you can come.

This is a day of Photography for models and photographers of all levels to use our fantastic facilities, nooks and crannies and equipment to try and capture some amazing shots. Photographers do not need to bring models as we usually have enough willing models on the day who would like to work with photographers, but this is NOT guaranteed as we don’t provide models; this is an open shoot in our venue, this is not an organised group….although we do these too! lol

We have lots of new equipment which look great in shots, including our Fetters bondage wheel, our medieval Gibbet and now we have a newly installed and automated dentist chair and padded cell!
If you haven’t been to one of our photography events before, here are the rules and guidelines for the day to ensure a safe and consensual experience for all :
This is a day of mutual appreciation for photography of the fetish persuasion! We welcome amateur, semi pro and pro photographers and models to attend. All who attend will have the opportunity to not only take shots but also model for shots if they wish.
We can supply model release forms if you wish but I encourage all those who agree to take shots and model to agree between yourselves on the expected use of the photos taken. So if the model does not want the images to go public, then they are for the models personal use. The model may be ok with the shots being use by the photographer for their portfolio but not to be splattered all over the internet or the model may be happy for the shots to be used freely. The latter would need the model to sign a ‘release form’ so please ask me if you require one of these. Without the release form, the photographer cannot use the photos in the public arena. To ensure that the day goes smoothly and without upset, please get this straight before ANY shots are taken.
Please DO NOT take any general crowd shots. There may be people in the background who do not want to be in shots…also be aware that there are mirrors around the venue; make sure nobody ends up in a shot via a reflection!
If you are setting up a photography rigging, this is fine. Just be mindful that other people may want to use the area at some point in the day….you will have 5 hours so there is no need for hogging!!
You can use any part of the club for shots; indoors and outdoors. We have BDSM equipment over all 4 floors, 2 dungeon rooms, our cellar dungeon and jails, a wet area, newly decorated bedroom areas for boudoir shots and a lush, classy bar! In total we have 13 massive rooms and lots of corridors and nook n crannies…so use your imagination! We do have some props but you’re best bringing your own to save disappointment!
We would prefer it if you did not bring and drink alcohol on the day as we don’t want you falling over expensive equipment! We sell soft drinks and toasties if you work up a thirst/hunger. Please do not bring in your own food and drink.
If you have a lot of equipment, you may bring your car onto the drive or around to the side door to unload to save your legs.

Could you please either park on the main road (no yellow lines) or opposite on the LJMU car park. This is because our regular car park is shared by Bookers Wholesale and they use it in the day….the car park gets chocca block with shoppers and I wouldn’t want your vehicles to be damaged by massive trader trollies!!
The venue is open in the evening for another event and we will have 2 hours to clean the club, so we ask that you leave the premises by 6pm and try not to destroy the place too much, Thank you! x

‘Birthday Special’ Party Saturdays at Townhouse!

Every month, starting from February, we are offering ‘Birthday Special’ events for anyone who has a birthday in that particular month. If it’s your birthday, contact us to go on the list and you get a free entry. Then you can develop your own guestlist and everybody on that list gets a discounted entry!!  Couples would be £15, single ladies would be free and pre-approved single guys would be £20 and must be members. We will still have the 8 guy restriction as always on a Saturday.

So basically you can celebrate your birthday with us, get in for free and invite your friends to help you celebrate at a greatly discounted price!!! Your birthday can be anytime in that month, we just need to see proof, i.e via a driving licence.

Our full calendar for 2017 is on our website and all of the birthday events have been listed, so find the month and date for your birthday and get planning/booking!!

We envisage this to be a very popular group of events, so book yourself in as early as possible on your birthday month to ensure you have your place. For your friends to qualify for the discounted price, they must be on your guestlist which you hand to us just prior to the event. They don’t even need to be members (except the guys).

Why not advertise your birthday party on your Fab Swingers profile, on your status, in the meets section and on the forums? Lets get your party going in full swing and celebrate in style!

Over to you!! Get booking! 😉


Kinky Karaoke @ Townhouse 12th Jan

It’s that time of the month again, time to warm up your vocal cords and join us for a fun filled evening of song and sex! lol Plus it’s  FREE ENTRY for members!!!! It is still open to non-members at a cost of £10 each but you will need to be on our guestlist; email to go on the list.

If karaoke not your thing then the club is open fully as usual and lately there has been more play on these nights than other swinging nights!!! lol There are usually a good mix of people from the swinging and Fet lifestyles and historically this is a night filled with laughter, fun and filth!

With the FREE entry we do ask that you purchase your drinks at the bar and don’t bring your own drink.Thursday night Karaoke kicks off at 7.30pm,  closing at 1.30am.

See you there



A lot of you already know about this FREE ENTRY party as we’ve been talking about it at the club, but now it’s official!

As you all know by now, this event is in massive demand and is a strict GUESTLIST only party so I can keep an eye on numbers…we don’t want to be uncomfortably busy or go over our capacity!

So, you need to be a member AND have your membership card in hand. If you want to come, please state your interest  by emailing us

We are limiting single guys to 8 and again you must be established members with a membership card in hand.

We’ll have our DJ with us and some nibbles on the bar as usual; we will also be offering overnights if you fancy making a night of it and carrying on the fun it’s £15 per person to stay over with free parking in a locked car park, towels, robes, smellies and a bit of brekkie in the morning

As this would be a great night for newbies who want to attend on a party night,we will be offering 6 places for new couples at a charge of £20, so contact me to take one of these places.


14th January from 8.30pm



Dancing, filth and fun

Be there!

Over to you!! xxxx

TOWNHOUSE Goes on Tour!! Fancy a Holiday??

1Townhouse is excited and proud to be working alongside Xtasia to present a long weekend of fun for Townhouse and Xtasia members only during the summer of 2017!

The ‘Townhouse Trek’ will run from 4pm on Thursday the 3rd of August to midday Sunday the 6th August 2017.

We are all working closely together to bring you a safe and secure weekend of fun, frolicks and relaxation. Obviously following on from the last few years swingers festivals, we’ve decided to be pretty cagey over what we say, so here is what we’ll be giving you at this stage, with more to follow as we get nearer event time next year, and have some idea of interest and numbers.

LOCATION:  The site is one and a half hours drive away from the Xtasia or Townhouse venues. We are not going to give out more before the event.The venue is surrounded by 10ft security fencing, with electronic gates to gain access to the site. Over 150 acres of parkland, woods and lakes awaits us. This will be our space, and ours alone for the weekend. Friends from The Fetish Community will be camping in another area of the woods, so expect to see all kinds of kink as you wander around the site.We have identified key areas which we will be using in the following manner. Firstly as you arrive there is a large holding area inside the gates to allow us plenty of time and space to carry out security checks, more will follow on this point in a minute. You then drive to a road which surrounds our camping area.Camping is a flat area of grassland, on a sandy conglomerate which proves to be flood free nearly all year round. Water points are provided around this site. This area can take approx. 700 tents, but our aim is far more intimate for the first few years. Having unloaded your car at this stage, parking is on a very gentle well drained slope just to the side of the main field. We won’t be allowing cars to park beside tents.For those of you in camper vans, caravans and RV’s, we have a large hard standing area next to the camping field, capable of housing 100 vehicles. All of this is horizontal with no slopes to negotiate and drainage is not envisaged as an issue at all.We then have a main grassed arena area, which currently houses one of the toilet and shower blocks for the site, and will provide our main arena for a bar, activities, camp fire, etc. All grass areas are mown grass fields, not meadows, almost of football pitch quality. All hard standing is road quality flat aggregate and not just flattened off mud, etc…

SECURITY:  We aim to be pretty tight on security, by limiting who we invite, and the process involved in getting to the site. We aim to keep the location as secret as possible. We have now identified a spot to send all attendees to, to meet a staff member, be checked off on the attendee list, and to get the final instructions to find the site. This will be manned for sociable hours on arrival days, so you can easily make your way to site. Once they arrive at site, a proper ID check will be carried out before you gain access to the main arena.

WHO IS INVITED?:  This is for Xtasia and Townhouse members only. If not currently a member of either, you have until April 1st 2017 to sort that out! You must be members of the clubs, which means we have checked your ID fully well in advance of ticket purchase. You have also already signed our existing T&C’s which means we have already stated to you that working for press and other official bodies is not tolerated and should be made known to us immediately, and you have agreed and signed those terms. It also means we have information already on your visits to the clubs, how many times you’ve been here, and how long you’ve been a member. When you buy your tickets, we will ask for a recent facial photo of you that we can check against on arrival at site. We will also be asking you for your Fab or other site ID’s, so we can check verifications from others and ensure we see evidence of not only visits, but friends that we can associate with. We would rather an event with 20 great friends, than 200 of which 1 is an unknown. Hence the name, the Townhouse Trek (Xtasia are using the name Xtasia Xcursion and will only allow their members).

WHAT ARE WE PROVIDING?: Currently we have the location booked, and a central marque sorted. Xtasia and Townhouse staff will make up the core of the help team for the event. From here on, what we do will depend on interest and bookings. There are points at which we know we’ll need additional toilets and shower facilities, but we will add these as the confirmed numbers get to those points. Generators will be allowed on site and water is available at numerous locations around the site. A chemical toilet emptying point is provided.We currently aim to provide 2 play tents, one strictly for couples, and the other for singles and those looking for them. Single numbers will be strictly limited (to ensure a good mix is maintained). We will have a control tent for staff, first aid, lost property, etc. As yet we haven’t arranged any entertainment. The site lends itself to all kinds of fun, outdoors!! Naturism would be welcomed, bondage from trees is anticipated. Sunbathing where ever you wish, woodland walks, the site is yours to relax and be at one with nature all weekend. We are looking at live bands or DJ sets during the evenings, or we can all gather round a massive camp fire with a few guitars and all enjoy a sing song. We are planning on bringing along a Karaoke style open mic system if plenty of folks up for it. It’s all up for grabs at the moment, so if you know a good bands or musician, put them in touch with us, especially if from the scene. Pretty sure we won’t go down the route of bouncy castles etc…high cost, little benefit to attendees, however some fun events may be considered for during the day.

FOOD:  Obviously as most are camping/caravanning then bringing your own food is first choice. We will however be providing a catering van, which will be capable of the following minimum: providing a cooked breakfast for those wanting it during the morning, teas and coffee’s throughout the day, snacks if needed and a choice of evening meal food such as jacket potatoes, curries or pizzas during the evening. We believe this is the easiest way to go for the moment but again, if numbers start to dictate we offer more, we can open up that option.

ALCOHOL:  We will have at least an events licence in place for the sale of alcohol. You will be welcome to bring your own, but we will have a rule surrounding the main arena area that excludes your own drinks. That way, any bar we provide on site can be profitable in its own right and be of interest to an external supplier.

PRICING:   We are offering numerous options, hopefully one should suit. Prices are regardless of camping/caravanning options. Early bird tickets are for those who purchase before the 1st April 2017.

Couples: 3 nights at £150. Early bird ticket at £130. 2 nights at £110. Early bird at £95. 1 night at £70, Early Bird at £60.

Single Men: 3 nights at £100, Early bird at £90. 2 nights at £80, Early bird at £70. 1 night at £60, Early bird at £50. (We will be monitoring numbers to ensure a comfortable level is maintained).

Single Ladies: 3 Nights at £75, Early bird at £60. 2 nights at £60, Early bird at £50. 1 Night at £45, Early bird at £40.

Singles are fine to hook up with each other to make couples, but if you do so, then you should be sharing tents please. Groups sharing larger tents together can utilise the best possible pricing ratio for the group. A number of glamping pods are also available, however we wish to set an expectation so we don’t upset anyone. The tent will be erected and dismantled for you in the camping area. It will have a floor mat and light installed. Currently you will need to bring your own blow up mattress and sheets/quilts. We may add a few touches to this, but at this stage no promises are made. Cost of pod for the 3 nights is £150. It’s not available for 2 and 1 night stays at a lower price as we still need to book the pods and labour regardless of the length of stay.

HOW TO BOOK:  We are taking bookings directly the Townhouse mobile number or at reception when visiting. When you book, please have your Townhouse membership card available. We will need your full name and address details, plus your User name on Fab or other sites. We will need full payment made for the days you wish to join us for. We will also need a recent facial photograph of attendees sending through to us.

If for whatever reason the event fails to occur, we will refund all monies paid to us in full.We are not going to guarantee a good time! This is Townhouse and Xtasia taking you somewhere new, a chance to join us, and loads of other members in a little place of perfect tranquility. A chance to get away and enjoy yourselves for an entire weekend with like-minded adults. A chance to explore, and be as one with nature and the environment.

Would you like to join us? Well get in touch and we can chat more….BUT even if we know you personally, we will not be revealing where the site is, so please don’t ask.

Can’t wait!!!!!! xx