‘Birthday Special’ Party Saturdays at Townhouse!

Every month, starting from February, we are offering ‘Birthday Special’ events for anyone who has a birthday in that particular month. If it’s your birthday, contact us to go on the list and you get a free entry. Then you can develop your own guestlist and everybody on that list gets a discounted entry!!  Couples would be £15, single ladies would be free and pre-approved single guys would be £20 and must be members. We will still have the 8 guy restriction as always on a Saturday.

So basically you can celebrate your birthday with us, get in for free and invite your friends to help you celebrate at a greatly discounted price!!! Your birthday can be anytime in that month, we just need to see proof, i.e via a driving licence.

Our full calendar for 2017 is on our website and all of the birthday events have been listed, so find the month and date for your birthday and get planning/booking!!

We envisage this to be a very popular group of events, so book yourself in as early as possible on your birthday month to ensure you have your place. For your friends to qualify for the discounted price, they must be on your guestlist which you hand to us just prior to the event. They don’t even need to be members (except the guys).

Why not advertise your birthday party on your Fab Swingers profile, on your status, in the meets section and on the forums? Lets get your party going in full swing and celebrate in style!

Over to you!! Get booking! 😉


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