DEEVA Tgirls Daytime Parties Every Weds from 1st March!


Another local venue used to run very popular TGirl afternoons with number reaching nearly 100 every week! But they decided to stop running  these Wednesday events, leaving a mid week gap where TGirls could play safe.

We have decided to pick up where they have left off and start running our own daytime TGirl parties from Weds 1st March and every week after that. The party will start at 11am and finish by 6.30pm. Admirers are obviously very welcome, so don’t be shy 😉

We will be pricing fairly as we do with all of our Townhouse daytime events:

Tgirls, male, female and couple admirers will be charged £10 entry.

Single male NON MEMBERS will be charged £15.

You will need ID to gain entry or  your membership card. The ID accepted is either a Driving licence or Passport AND utility bill. Your information is not kept/stored, it is purely used for a one off daytime membership/entry.

As a TGirl, you can use the event as you wish. You can simply dress, socialise, drink and people watch or you may use our fantastic facilities (all 4 levels) for playtime! The choice is yours! There is no dress down for TGirls and no immediate/compulsory dress down for everyone else on the ground floor. If you want to use our playrooms then admirers may feel more comfortable dressing down. Don’t forget we have 3 dungeons  if you’re really feeling kinky!!

Towels, condoms and lube are all provided free of charge.

Free parking is available across the A41 opposite the club on Campbeltown Road and the surrounding commercial area; CH42 9HP…just look for the John Moores building.

If you wish you can arrive in your civvies and get changed at the club as we have large changing rooms, other large mirrored rooms and 3 sets of showers.

Newbies will be shown around on arrival and settled in, but it would be worth you taking a look at the club rules and etiquette before you arrive and these can be found HERE

We are really excited about our new DEEVA events, which are a change from our usual, long established evening parties.

Hope you can join us



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