THE BIG CHEESE 1980’s Mega Party 25th March


Grab your leg warmers, your bubble skirts, your guy liner and frilly shirts!! Our 80’s parties are always EPIC and we will go as cheesy as possible! 😀

Put the 25th March in your diary as you cannot miss this party!

We will be playing the old 80’s favourites in the bar while Wham, Spandau, Dexy’s and the Waterboys are playing the lounge for you to pull your cheesy dance moves! lol You don’t have to go all out on your costume but we will be giving a free entry to the most outrageous costume. If you just want a hint of 80’s then maybe crimped hair, Adam Ant stripes or Madonna shabby chic?

Our buffet will also be very 1980’s with loads of stodgy goodies and vol au vents…we’ll even have the good old cheese and pineapple hedgehog! lol

This event is all about fun and laughing at ourselves…I dare you to wear nothing but your leg warmers in the playrooms!!! *-) *-) *-)

Normal prices apply and as always there are only 8 places for established single guys, so be quick and grab your place.

So Come On Eileen, Wake Me Up Before You Go Go and Lets Get Physical at The House of Fun for some Careless Whispers and Sexual Healing…hehehe

See you there!!!

4 thoughts on “THE BIG CHEESE 1980’s Mega Party 25th March

  1. Hey me and my partner are coming along. Was just wondering if we have to book a place as it’s our 2nd time coming x


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