Amateur Strip Night Party! 29th April


29th April is a date for your calendar, a party not to be missed.

This is all about sexy fun and with no better way to spend it than in a club who knows how to party.

Lets turn the heat up in the club and prepare ourselves for a night of debauchery and release those endorphins for filth upstairs later.

We are looking for Males and Females who are prepared to show off there dance moves for an Amateur Strip night.

For this you’ll need to dedicate some time to learning a choreographed routine with a stripper who’ll bring out the best in you (possibly dedicating time 3days before the event) . For the best dance routines there will be prizes. Remember it’s just fun and nothing is taken seriously. Its all about having a laugh.

Either post on here in the forum or contact me if you have any interest in this.

As per the Saturday night rules for the club, it is limited to 8 single males only (must be members) .

Entry Prices£25 couples£10 ladies£30 single guys

This WILL be a very busy night and we advise everyone to be in by 10pm to avoid disappointment.

We are offering overnights for those who want to make a night of it for £15pp; book directly with the TownhouseTwosome

You will need £10 deposit for your locker. The number on your key is the number which you purchase drinks on. At the end of the night you hand your locker key back and pay your tab. If you have any questions or would like any more information please private message me. Happy to help where I can. If you would like to attend please add your name to the forum list. Thanks

This is a night not to be missed

2 thoughts on “Amateur Strip Night Party! 29th April

  1. Hi I have been dying to come to your club for a while but been quite nervous especially coming on my own but looking at your web site I would love to come to the party on the 29th of April think it would ease me into the scene an help with my nerves, I’m a none member but would be willing to join if I could come to this event?


    • Hi Lee
      Not sure which part of the part of the website you have been looking at, but you need to look at the Single Guy page on our website which says that the memberships for guys are frozen. Also as it says on this very advert, guys MUST be members already. You can attend our non member events which are on our calendar on our main website.
      Vicky x


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