DATE NIGHT! – ‘Take Me Out’ 22nd June

Following the success of our first Date Night we are bringing you part two. This time, instead of speed dating, we will be doing…

Take Me Out – Townhouse night take me out

If you’re not aware of the format, a single contestant is put through their paces by a group of the opposite sex. The group is whittled down by stating their interest in the single. Until we are hopefully left with a pair at the end.

Each pair will receive… a celebratory bottle of bubbly to enjoy whilst getting to know each other a little better and also… get to go out a date, swinging style, at the Isle of Townhouse receiving free entry together at a future party night.

We are looking for some people to enter as a contestants to face the Townhouse audience. So please contact us directly if you wish to be a contestant.

Date Night is a private party to give singles the chance to mingle and look for date mates. Couples that play separately or enjoy singles are welcome to participate or attend.

The Take Me Out element of the night takes place in the lounge area for a short time and the rest of the club is still open for fun and frolics if you don’t want to join in.

The event runs from 730pm til 130am

To ensure the ratio of this event, it’s ticket only which can be purchased through an online box office. And it’s only £10 per person!

Add your name to the forum and we will contact you with links to the box office.

If you’re not a member, you will need to bring two forms of ID. We have a subsided licensed bar so please don’t bring your own alcohol. You’ll also need £10 deposit for your locker key.

So come and join us, have a giggle and let the search begin.


RAW – Pure Play Party 16th June

Following the growing success of RAW, it has now been moved to a Friday! Extra time to play!

RAW JUNEDescribed as …’heady and charged’ RAW is for those that want get straight down to play. For greedy boys & greedy girls looking for action! This event focuses on gang bangs, group sex, multiple partners, bukkake and lots of filth and fucking. Not for the faint hearted.
It’s about stamina and orgasms rather than socialising.

Our last event was so busy with over 100 people, fucking everywhere and we ran out of bed space so this time our lounge area is being converted into a play space too.

Apart from the hot tub, the whole club area is open for play so feel free to be spontaneous and fuck in the bar or lounge. We are encouraging early dress down too.

Females: £10, Couples: £20, Males: £20

You don’t need to be a member of the club but will need to bring two forms of ID.
As this is a private party and cheap entry we ask that you don’t bring your own alcohol but purchase from the well stocked subsidised bar. You will need a £10 deposit for your locker key/bar tab. Towels and condoms are available free of charge.

Overnight stays are available and you need to contact us directly to book one of these.

All names need to be on the guest list so contact us at and if you have any questions, then contact us directly.

J&L x

Kinky Karaoke & Play Party – 8th June! It’s a busy one!

Kinky Karaoke with Jester!  BEST OF BRITISH @ Townhouse Thursday 8th June

june KK
Being a member of Townhouse has it’s perks and one of those is a FREE monthly karaoke event.
Jester is returning as your karaoke compère and may indulge in a little singing himself. Each karaoke night will have a musical theme and this month is ‘Best of British’ so if you fancy dragging some of the girls up on stage and belting out Spice Girls – Wannabe, get your Liam swagger on and treat us to some Wonderwall or want to celebrate some fabulous British artists then feel free to take part. Our karaoke isn’t compulsory although we have plenty of crops and floggers around the place to encourage involvement.
A winning performance of the evening is now chosen and they will receive a Townhouse gift voucher for future free entry. So get gargling and prepare those vocal chords and join us for a new format of Kinky Karaoke.
Kinky Karaoke is free entry for members and only £10 for non members! So it’s a perfect opportunity to come and see the club for yourself if you’ve never been.
It’s a great mix of swinging and fetish scene folk and it’s also a play event as the whole club (including the dungeon) is available for use. The karaoke takes part in our lounge area only and we have a fully licensed subsidised bar.
The event runs from 730pm until 130am.
Your name needs to be on the list and if you’re not a member, you will need to bring two forms of ID. You cannot bring your own alcohol to this event but our fully stocked bar should satisfy your thirst. It’s a £10 locker key deposit.  Please email to book in
So get your name down and I’ll see you there.


MILF Monday ‘Vics Birthday One’ 5th June !

june MM

We would love to welcome you to the busiest day time event in the North. I can’t think of a better to way to start off the first Monday in June than with a bit of day time debauchery!
It’s the boss lady’s birthday this month so we’re rolling with a birthday party theme.
We’ll have food and cake to keep up your energy levels throughout the day, plus bottles of Prosecco on offer for just £8!
Plus, if it’s your birthday in June you’ll be getting in for FREE (Just show proof of ID on entry).
This is an event for ladies and couples who want to meet single guys; some of our girls are greedy too, so we aim for a 3:1 guy/girl ratio at their request.
We cap numbers at 100 to make it pleasant and comfortable for our guests, therefore this is a strict GUESTLIST ONLY party. Please only place your name on the list if you can definitely make it as places are in demand; we have a 3 strikes rule for people who continuously waste places.
Ladies – FREE entry
Couples* – £5
Men – £10
FREE entry if it’s your birthday month
*For couples to qualify for the £5 entry, you will need a Townhouse Couples membership or an established, verified couples profile on fab swingers.
Non members/newbies are very welcome at this event, you just need to bring ID with you (driving licence or passport). Members just bring along your membership card. Newbies are more than welcome to the club and I’ll be happy to give you a tour of the place and answer any questions you may have on the day.


The not so small print….
You will need a £10 deposit for your locker key/bar tab which is offset against your bar bill. Townhouse has a very cheap licensed bar to keep you refreshed throughout the day, so please leave your own drinks at home. Towels are available or you can bring your own.
***IMPORTANT*** Please do not park over on the industrial area as usual as that is now a private car park and enforcements are now in place. Bookers car park is also off limits. There are plenty of places to park within easy walking distance of the club. Please be considerate and respectful when parking (not in front of driveways or in a way that narrows the roads considerably). Thank you x
For further information about the club, or to leave/browse reviews, please check out this link….

50 Shades of Wahay – Swinging/BDSM Crossover Party 3rd June

Townhouse Fetish/Swinging Crossover events are back with a vengeance! Our last event was a capacity party and a massive success so if you have a BDSM/Fetish itch that you would like to scratch, then you MUST get along to this party!! But even if you don’t have a fetish itch, this is still a great swinging party!

wahay june
So what’s it all about??……

This is our usual fantastic Swinging Saturday but we will also be joined by some members of our fetish community. Some will be playing openly for you to observe and ask questions afterwards. Others will be running a demonstration for those who are curious about BDSM but don’t know where to start.

Our demos will be starting around 10.15pm with a talk about DIY BDSM…so for those on a budget or those who want to explore BDSM but don’t want to invest in loads of kit, one of our most experienced male Dominants will be chatting about home made/DIY BDSM kit. Following on from that will be a VERY brief chat on etiquette and the basics of what BDSM means and the Dominant/submissive dynamics within the scene. Why some of us like to give and receive pain and how this can be pleasurable.

At around 10.45/11pm, I will be giving a demo on impact play and how this is pleasurable for both the ‘giver and receiver’. I have been a Professional Dominatrix for over 15 years and well known for my flogging skills and my ‘silent’ sessions.

There will be lots of other types of BDSM play taking place around the club and you are welcome to observe.

As this is a swinging night, our upstairs playrooms will be open as usual for filth and frolicks! So if you’re not curious about BDSM, then our bar area, wet area and all upstairs swinging rooms will be there for your pleasure!

The dress code is our usual dress to impress or if you’re feeling daring, then fetish wear is more than ok!!! lol

Our usual prices apply and we are still only admitting 8 single guys from our swinging membership; there maybe one or two additional guys in attendance from our fetish community who are doing the demos or playing openly for you to watch, learn and admire!

We recommend that you arrive before 10pm as this will be busy but also or demos are starting early and you don’t want to miss out!


Townhouse 12th Anniversary Party 27th May – ‘Licensed to Thrill’!

james bondYou are required to rendezvous at Townhouse on Saturday 27th May for a very special mission; it’s a 12th Anniversary party with over 100 people, so you must be ready for anything… adopt a disguise and be licensed to thrill!

Ensure you are fully equipped with gadgets via ‘Q’ as our guests can be very demanding and you will need your wits about you
To gain entry, you must say the password ‘Bond, James Bond’, by this your host will know you accept your mission! You may be handed a coded message but it is For Your Eyes Only so keep it safe.

To avoid the admission of unwanted civilians, you will be required to verify your identity….you know what to do. The lady on reception is your friend and will take good care of you, tip her well!

It may be unpredictable at times and watch out for Pussy Galore, I hear she is everywhere!! The Man With the Golden Gun is NOT your ally, he has a View to a Kill, so eliminate if apprehended.

The other guests will be wearing smart attire and evening dresses, so it will be hard to differentiate between the sick and twisted and the innocent bystanders, so mingle and figure out who is who. Try not to be awkward and draw attention to yourself; dancing with guests will deter suspicious eyes.

Vodka Martinis are not permitted on this mission as they affect your ‘performance’ but I hear the gin bar is vast, so feel free to partake in one or two, for research purposes only, of course. I hear the buffet is to Live and Let Die for too!

This party is like no other…it is adult in nature and you may be invited into rooms to partake in activities of a sensual nature. Although we understand that this is very tempting, remember that you represent Her Majesty’s Secret Service and debauchery whilst on duty is prohibited, not that this has stopped you before!

This party could take you places you have never been before….but with your weapon, you will no doubt live to Die Another Day.

Good luck!!!