Birthday Special Parties – open to all!


Every month, we are offer ‘Birthday Special’ events for anyone who has a birthday in that particular month. If it’s your birthday, contact us in advance to book on the list and you get a free entry on the birthday special night*. Then we ask that you develop your own guestlist and everybody on that list gets a discounted entry**!!  Couples would be £15, single ladies would be free and pre-approved single guys would be £20 and must be members. We will still have the 8 guy restriction as always on a Saturday. You can supply a list of people you have specifically invited or start a forum post on Fab Swingers asking people to go on your list.

So basically you can celebrate your birthday with us, get in for free and invite your friends to help you celebrate at a greatly discounted price!!! Your birthday can be anytime in that month, we just need to see proof, i.e via a driving licence.

PLEASE NOTE: This event is not just for those celebrating birthdays, anyone can attend!!!

Our full calendar for 2019 is on our website and all of the birthday events have been listed, so find the month and date for your birthday and get planning/booking!!

This is a very popular group of events, so book yourself in as early as possible on your birthday month to ensure you have your place. For your friends to qualify for the discounted price, they must be on your guestlist which you hand to us just prior to the event. They don’t even need to be members (except the guys).

Over to you!! Get booking! 😉

*  You need to book your birthday as far in advance as possible as places get booked up. We allow no more than 5 birthday boys/girls, so if we are full when you enquire, we won’t be able to accept your booking. You can still come on the night, but we can’t offer you a free place.

**  In order to claim your free place, you must gather a guestlist. We don’t just hand out free entries because it’s your birthday. The idea is that you bring along your friends to join in the fun! 🙂

Townhouse Trek – 39 days to go!

1If you haven’t got your tickets for our sizzling hot camping weekend then you need to be quick!  With just 39 days to go until the event of the year, the tickets are selling like hot potatoes, especially after the recent gorgeous weather!!

So if you are a member of Townhouse and fancy a few days away in a gorgeous location with the friendliest bunch of people around, then get booking! You can opt for a 1 ,2 or 3 night ticket and the trip is from the 3rd – 6th August.

Full details are here

The Wirral Munch 13th June – FREE ENTRY!!

do what you love (3)

Ok…What is f*ck is a MUNCH I hear you say?!

Traditionally, Munches were set up as social gatherings for people interested in BDSM in the early 90’s prior to the internet taking over the world!

The Wirral munch is one of the oldest of it’s kind in the region and it’s held at Townhouse. This is open to ANYONE and its FREE!!!!!!
The idea is that people come together who have got an interest (even if it’s a bit of minor curiosity at the moment) in BDSM/Fetish to chat, chew the fat, share stories and BDSM experiences and reassure newbies that we really aren’t mad and that BDSM/Fetish covers anything from a bit of blindfolded, tie and tease sex, right up to severe humiliation and degradation. The BDSM spectrum is broad and at the Wirral Munch we get people interested in all sorts of weird and mainly wonderful shit! We enjoy drinks with some of the most interesting characters you are likely to meet.

To put it very simply, imagine you are in the pub, having a drink or 3 and talking about stuff that would raise more than a few eyebrows down at the red Lion!

The Wirral Munch is a bit different, in that the ground floor of the club is strictly just like any other pub. So no public nudity and no sex of any kind on this floor. However, if people want to come in and use our dungeons or watch some BDSM play, then they can and it just costs them a fiver. No membership needed. This is NOT a swinging event.

We also hold demos throughout the year too for those who want to learn some skills and this month we have a local crafter who makes his own candles for use during sensual BDSM play as well as aromatic candles. They are amazing and I am a regular customer!! lol

You can walk in as a non member and as long as you stay on the groundfloor it’s free entry. If you want to wander to the cellar dungeon or the upper floors, it’s a fiver…simples!

The Wirral munch takes place on the 2nd Tuesday of every month from 7.30pm til Midnight and it’s busy!

Here are all of your dates for the rest of the year:
13th June
11th July
8th August
12th September
10th October
14th November
12th December
See you there!!!

Vic’s Big Birthday Party! 24th June

stormtrooperThose who know me, know that my birthday is a month long affair, culminating in my big birthday party at the end of June! What can I say? I like birthday cake and a good party! lol
So Saturday 24th June is a date for your diary that can’t be missed as it’s in our top 3 busiest parties of the year!
Ryan Ireland will be setting hearts racing and entertaining us, getting everybody hot and bothered before we head upstairs (he’s so hot , even the straight guys get flustered!). Our DJ will be keeping the party going in between his sets and we will have a lovely buffet on offer early doors to set you up with enough energy to see you through til 3am!
This party is always a mad one, always a filthy one and always a fun one… so don’t miss it!
Help me celebrate in the best way possible
See you there!!
Vic xxxx

the not so small print…..
* Doors 8.30pm til 3am
* Overnights are available at £15 each
* Loyalty cards are not accepted for free entries due to high overheads
* Make sure you are in before 10.30pm to guarantee your entry.
* Dress to impress