Saturday Night Swinging – Newbies and Notsos 21st April

Are you curious about Townhouse and fancy dipping your toes in? For this month, we are offering an additional Newbies and Notsos evening on a SATURDAY!

It’s a perfect opportunity for the curious & the shy to come and swing with hosts on hand to ease you in.

Our Saturdays have a slightly different format as we restrict how many single guys can attend to eight. For our Newbies & Notsos Saturday, we have especially selected and invited those eight men to come and mingle with our newbies. Ideal for those looking for established, experienced male members without the club feeling overwhelming. We already have lots of couples and single females that attend our Saturdays so it has a very social/party vibe with lots of play too.

Saturday night caters for everyones tastes and fantasies. Our regulars love catching up with friends and often enjoy some filth and fuckery upstairs later on. Our newbies get a taste of the atmosphere and comfortable surroundings amongst new friends and can experience the delights that Townhouse offers.

Our club buddies will be holding a group social in the lounge area for anyone new or attending alone that would like to join us. We will introduce you to the regulars, and have a laugh. Most newcomers are worried that they will sit in the corner alone all evening. Not at Townhouse! Jester & Lilac are experienced swingers and club goers to meet & greet you and be your wingman/wingwoman for the evening.

If you haven’t been to a club before then Townhouse is a great choice for new swingers. We offer a no pressure environment with sexy, super friendly staff that will answer any questions you may have. Rooms to suit all tastes and above all else, it is spotlessly clean!

Single Guys – This event isn’t open to non male members. For this Saturday alone we are selecting the males to find ‘Newbie Friendly’ members. If you would like to be considered for this then drop us or TownhouseTwosome a message.

Single females – £5
Couples – £20 (before 930pm) or £25 (after 930pm)
Brand New Couples are £12.50 (This is an introductory offer only if you are brand new and not attended as singles.)
Single Guys £30

You will need to bring two forms of ID with you, dress to impress (no sportswear or trainers) and you will need £10 for your locker key deposit.

We offer …
Free Parking
Free Condoms
Free Towels
Free Lube
Free Bar Snacks

This is an absolute bargain price to spend the night in such an exceptionally well run club.

Townhouse has a well-stocked, subsidised bar with a branded doubles bar and our much loved oriGIN bar for all you juniper junkies.

If you’re attending for the first time and have any questions or want to arrange to meet the hosts, then drop us a message.

See you all there!