50 Shades of Wahay – Swinging/Fetish Crossover Party 2nd September

Townhouse Fetish/Swinging Crossover events are back with a vengeance! Our last event was a capacity party and a massive success so if you have a BDSM/Fetish itch that you would like to scratch, then you MUST get along to this party!! But even if you don’t have a fetish itch, this is still a great swinging party!

wahay sept

So what’s it all about??……
This is our usual fantastic Swinging Saturday but we will also be joined by some members of our fetish community. Some will be playing openly for you to observe and ask questions afterwards. Others will be running a demonstration for those who are curious about BDSM but don’t know where to start.

Our demos will be starting around 10.15pm with a talk about basic bondage and ties that can be used in any environment…who needs special equipment and expensive leather restraints? These are great but in the heat of the moment, grab that neck tie and use some basic tricks to spice things up! So our demo team will be using rope and other things to hand and will go over some techniques, then they will be taking groups of people who want to be hands on and showing you close up, how to do quick and easy ties and bondage techniques. This is will be fun and informative as well as super sexy!

There will be lots of other types of BDSM play taking place around the club and you are very welcome to observe.

As this is a swinging night, our upstairs playrooms will be open as usual for filth and frolicks! So if you’re not curious about BDSM, then our bar area, wet area and all upstairs swinging rooms will be there for your pleasure!

The dress code is our usual dress to impress or if you’re feeling daring, then fetish wear is more than ok!!! lol

Our usual prices apply and we are still only admitting 8 single guys from our swinging membership; there maybe one or two additional guys in attendance from our fetish community who are doing the demos or playing openly for you to watch, learn and admire!

We recommend that you arrive before 10pm as this will be busy but also or demos are starting early and you don’t want to miss out!