HEADSPACE @ Townhouse ‘Auralism’ Party 25th August


What’s this event all about, I hear you say?

Primarily based on ‘Auralism’ ~ A fetish for music. You know how it makes your hair prickle?

This event is the first ever ‘Headspace’ event – An exciting new venture combining music and atmosphere exclusive to Fetlife

Play is encouraged, take opportunity of playing in a different atmosphere. Play is not compulsory, it’s your Headspace so it’s up to you 🙂 Likewise socialising, chilling and dancing is also encouraged but not compulsory, dance like no-one is watching, yet you know they are 😉

This venture is about covering costs and having an affordable night out. Any money left over will be put back into the pot for the next one. £10 on the door with £10 locker deposit which will be credited against your bar tab. Please contact The Scorpion Queen direct if you wish to take advantage of the top floor rooms as these supplements are to be paid in advance, thank you

Feed back will most definitely be welcome as we intend to hold this event again. What would you like to see, hear or feel next time?

You may discover some of the doors shut, this is purely to retain the atmosphere within the room. This does not mean the room is out of bounds unless specifically stated

The Ground Floor

Main Room – Base, pulse, beat, lights, ultraviolet, dress up, dress down = shindig (dancing, writhing, letting the hair down, snogging). Take advantage of the glow in the dark theme and the glow in the dark body painting. Does anyone fancy using glow in the dark rope in this room?

The Bar – Jim’s Trunk of Funk, Northern Soul & randomness with lashings of gin

The Jacuzzi Room – Wind down with chill out Ibiza classic tunes

The Basement

The Crypt – The Mission, The Cure, Siouxsie, 9 Inch Nails, Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, Marylin Manson, Killing Joke, Joy Division, The Damned, Alien Sex Fiend, Echo & the Bunnymen etc etc

First Floor

The Dungeon – Rock, rock and more rock . Headspace crew will be available to advise, assist with equipment, etc. Naturally with a backdrop of awesome music 🙂 . . . Everyone is welcome to come and go in this room but please keep the doors closed to retain the atmosphere – viewing is available through the window rather than the doorway unless of course you are utilising this room 😉

The Treatment Room

The Dark Room – Welcome to the Pleasuredome . . . The Chemical Brothers, Faithless, Gorillaz, Portishead, David Sylvian, The Human League, Frankie Goes to Holywood, Nine Inch Nails, GoldFrappe, Public Service Broadcasting, David Bowie, Prince etc – Consent is very important in this room, if someone indicates NO please respect this and move on. There will be a dayglow wrist band system in place in this room (tops, bottoms, kinksters & users with predefined purpose like couples or groups).

Chill Out Barred Area

Jim’s Jail – Be creative you out there in the chill out area

Top Floor

Second Floor Main Room – There is a £50 supplement for sole use of this room, for the entire evening

Second Floor Chill Out Room –There is a £50 supplement for sole use of this room for the entire evening

These rooms are Ideal for a group setting. Split the costs with a few of you to create your own unique Headspace – Why not take advantage of the sleepovers, make it a night.

In the event of both rooms being reserved the area beyond the banisters will be out of bounds, unless you are part of the groups that have sole use of these rooms.

Headspace crew will be dotted around. Feel free to stop anyone of us with any questions you may have

Sleepovers are available at £15 per person. Please book directly with Townhouse in advance – Payment can be made by Paypal or bank transfer. The rooms are not available until the end of the event and the club does not open until 9am the following morning, therefore you are unable to leave the club before this time. Kick out time is 11am, tea/coffee and toast provided.

If you don’t have Townhouse membership please bring a form of ID
Usual Townhouse etiquette and rules apply
Don’t mix alcohol and play. Please keep it safe, sane & consensual