FRAT Party @ Townhouse 7th Sept

It’s time for another private party from Jester & Lilac…

The Summer is out!
You’re back to college and you’ve managed to get an invite to the hottest, wildest and sexiest party on campus. It’s time to either align yourself with the cool kids or embrace your inner geek.
We have beer pong, shot roulette, beer kegs, togas and hazing!
It’s going to get messy!

Optional dress code: Think togas, college sluts, letter jackets, jocks, cheerleaders, geek costumes, dean of students and body paint or the serial killer on campus. Every frat party needs a Ghost Face.
Maybe you want to join the fraternity or sorority of Theta Iota (THI) and will pledge yourself to your brothers and sisters by taking part in an initiation with our HAZING games & dares?

We will get soaking and sexy with a WET T-SHIRT competition with the winner receiving a prize, so if you want to take part, remember to bring a t-shirt or if you’re less of an exhibitionist, we have a BEER PONG competition which I’m sure will result in a few wet t-shirts anyway.
We have a PHOTOBOOTH set up so you can get a souvenir shot for your Fab profile in your togas

The bunkbeds room is being set up as a dark room with glow in the dark condoms available and glow sticks. A game of Hoopla springs to mind and we have spin the bottle going on in one of the bedrooms too.
You can pre-order a BEER KEG to share with your buddies so just drop us a private message for details about that.

As always our themes are optional fun and you are welcome to attend and just enjoy the party atmosphere.

£10 for Women
£20 for Single Guys
£20 for Couples

Its £10 locker key deposit and we ask that you purchase your drinks from our well stocked bar. If you are not a member of Townhouse, then please bring two forms of ID. Condoms and lube are available free of charge.

So get your name on the guest list, come and join us to party hard…Go Greek or Go Home!

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