HANGOVER HORN @ The Tipsy Unicorn Bar – Townhouse 12th November

The Tipsy Unicorn (1)

Been partying hard all weekend and not quite ready to stop and face the Monday blues? Woken with an absolutely raging case of the hangover horn and you’re already on Fab trying to organise a meet? Maybe a hair of the dog is much needed?

Come on over to The Tipsy Unicorn Bar!

We’re open 5pm til 9pm so you can get your family stuff done beforehand and you’re not too late for work the next day.

In our bar you can enjoy a hair of the dog, stodgy cheese and ham toasties in case you missed out on your roast dinner and it even has porn! It’s the best bar ever! Did I mention the 46 brands of gin?

Come and chill in the hot tub and sauna or socialise with the regulars.

Non members are welcome at this event so it’s an ideal meeting location for a Fab rendezvous or for those that want to have a nose at the club.

Entry Cost
Members £5 per person
Non Members £10 per person

Don’t forget your £10 deposit for your locker key/bar tab and you’ll need two forms of ID if you’re not a member. All food and beverages must be purchased from The Tipsy Unicorn @ Townhouse.