CRIME SCENE – Halloween Party 28th Oct


Every year Townhouse has a special Halloween theme and the club is transformed! This year the theme is Crime Scene and the theme will run throughout the club…inside and outside!

Cut through the crime scene tape and enter….rooms will be transformed and crime scenes re-produced. We have taken inspiration from true life crimes and fictional…think Dahmer, Bundy, Ed Gein, Dexter, Se7en, Hannibal, The Jonestown Massacre. The bar will be the Dark Room….a murderers hidey hole with momentos of their escapades. The Lounge will be Dexters Kill Room. Our playrooms will be transformed too but you will have to come along to find out more!

Our Halloween parties are ALWAYS a capacity night and a fantastic party, so make sure you’re early!! (No entry after 10.30pm!) Why not dress to the theme? You could keep it simple and arrive with wounds, bullet holes, scars, slashed clothes or you could go all out and come as a famous murderer/character! Think John Wayne Gacys Clown, Freddie Kruger, Jack the Ripper, Michael Myers, Pinhead, Psycho, SAW, Annabelle, chucky….the list is endless!! We will be handing out prizes for the best dressed and most imaginative costumes.

Let’s not forget that this is a swinging party first and foremost and this night is always one of the filthiest!! So remember to bring your best knickers under those scary outfits ?? lol Our DJ will be with us if you fancy a boogie; feel free to dance in your skimpies and food will also be provided to keep your energy levels up until 3am!

Normal prices apply but we cannot accept loyalty cards in exchange for free entries due to the high overheads.

We have a limit of 8 single guys places and you must be established members and book in advance.

See you all there!