Indulgence Take Over – ALL FEMALE PARTY 23rd Nov – Hosted by Missy Whiplash

Indulgence Nov

Well hello there, as some of you may know I am the resident lady loving lesbian of Townhouse, I haven’t missed an Indulgence since I started on this filthy swinging journey, so, who better to host this event than the queen of women herself. My aim for this night is fun, filth & oh more filth…

As this is a takeover, I am making the theme something a little ‘dark’, come over to the dark side and explore your inner most dark desires, whatever this may mean to you, an Elvira dress or a lacy body stocking to lure your prey in between your legs, mainly I want super sexy women that I can perv on at my leisure all night! lol

There will be ice breaker games for the shy ones amongst you, good music for the dancers & lots of sexy women for the perverts, there will be no-one in corners and by the end of the night we will all be very much acquainted. Leave your knitting needles at home, I want less gossip, more action!

If we have anyone celebrating a Birthday, then it is only fair that they offer themselves up as sacrifice for a little human buffet… if not I may just have to pick someone who takes my fancy and have a nibble.

So, leave your male halves at home and come and have a night of pure indulgence, don’t worry though men I may be a nympho, but, I promise I will return them back to you when they are spent & panting

As this is a private party you are asked to leave your alcohol at home and purchase from Townhouse’s beautifully stocked, super cheap bar instead (I vote for us all doing the gin bar challenge hehe). Locker key’s are provided for a £10 deposit which comes off your bar bill at the end of the night, towels and condoms (for the toys not the willies ha) are also provided free of charge at reception.

Doors open at 6:30pm until 1:30am on the 23rd November and it is just £10 per lady (and those that identify as ladies of course).

I will very much look forward to seeing you all on the darkside…

Missy Whiplash