What the Cuck? Hot Wife/Hot Husband/Cuckolding Party @ Townhouse 22nd Feb

Heard of the term hot wife? Or cuckold? The classic scenario is a wife playing with another man while the husband watches or joins in. Pretty common on the swinging scene?! What’s also a popular relationship dynamic is the reverse… a hot husband, who’s wife enjoys watching him play with other women. Fairly standard on a Saturday night at Townhouse.

Are you a hot wife or hot husband? Does your partner share you with singles?. Maybe you have a Cuckold relationship or are looking for one?
Tonight we celebrating that sharing is more than caring… it’s hot as hell.

Calling all single ladies, unicorns, cuckcakes, that love to join a couple or play with the male of a couple.

Calling all studs, bulls and stag… those single guys that love to satisfy hot wives.

Perhaps you’re a solo cuckold looking for a ‘hot’ other half? Are you a single looking for a partner that will share you? Are you a couple that love to watch their loved one play with others?

The terms thrown around with cuckolding are vast and each dynamic is different

Here is a mini glossary of terms
Unicorn – single bi female looking to play with couples
Cuckcake – a female version of a bull, who enjoys playing with the male of a couple.
Bull – a man that seduces hot wives and will play with her solo or join the couple.
Hot husband – the male from a couple plays with females while the female of the couple doesn’t play with men.
Hot wife – the female from a couple that plays with other men while the male half of the couple doesn’t play with women.
Cuckold/cuckquean – the male/female partner that shares their partner.

Whatever your spin on the cuckold dynamic, this is your night!

We will have rooms set up to cater for different cuckolding dynamics.

Our dungeon will be open for those that like to use power play/tease/denial etc and we have cells perfect for restraining loved ones while you go off to play.

This is a private party and your names need to be on the guestlist. It would be helpful if you could make your dynamic known to us so we can keep a check on ratios.

Entry Costs
Single Females £10
Couples £20
Single Male Members £20
Single Male non members £25

You will need to bring two forms of ID if you’re not a member. You will also be required to pay a £10 locker key deposit for your bar tab. We have a fully stocked bar that you can take advantage of too. We have a strict dress code…dress to impress, No sportswear or trainers.