FREE Kinky Karaoke & Play Party 8th March

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Being a member of Townhouse has its perks and one of those is a *free monthly karaoke event.

Jester will be your karaoke compère and may indulge in a little singing myself. Each karaoke night will have a musical theme and this month is a battle of the sexes with Boy Bands Vs Girl Bands… we pit the Backstreet Boys against the Spice Girls, Boyzone against Little Mix, Take That against Destiny’s Child. You get the idea?

It’s up to you what genre and decade your boy or girl band come from, but they must be solely a vocal group. Sing your choice alone or drag some mates up on stage with you. We will crown a boy winner and a girl winner and then pick an overall winner for the night to see which gender comes up on top!

Our karaoke isn’t compulsory although we have plenty of crops and floggers around the place to encourage involvement.

A winning performance of the evening is now chosen and they will receive a Townhouse gift voucher for future free entry. So get gargling and prepare those vocal chords and join us for a new format of Kinky Karaoke.

*Kinky Karaoke is free entry for members and only £10 for non members! So it’s a perfect opportunity to come and see the club for yourself if you’ve never been.

It’s a great mix of swinging and fetish scene folk and it’s also a play event as the whole club (including the dungeon) is available for use. The karaoke takes part in our lounge area and we have a fully licensed subsidised bar.

The event runs from 730pm until 130am.

Your name needs to be on the guestlist so email us at and if you’re not a member, you will need to bring two forms of ID. You cannot bring your own alcohol to this event but our fully stocked bar should satisfy your thirst….don’t forget your £10 locker key deposit.

So get your name down and we’ll see you there.

FREE ENTRY – Pub Night @ Townhouse Tues 27th February

The Tipsy Unicorn (3)

Has your gold fish died? Worried about the size of your penis? Your partner run off with their fuckbuddy? Finding people your nan’s age attractive?? Numb the pain and forget your troubles at The Tipsy Unicorn Bar @ Townhouse. The more you drink, the less you worry!

The Tipsy Unicorn opens its doors at 7pm until 12.30am for anyone to join us for fun, laughs and beer as cold as your ex’s heart! Membership not needed and entry is FREE. Just think of it as a night down at your local pub!! As this is a pub night, wear what you wish!

Why go to your boring local pub to talk about vanilla stuff, when you can come to the Tipsy Unicorn and flirt with other swingers and fetishists and be yourself! If you’re feeling frisky, you can even pay a fiver and venture upstairs to our playrooms or if you want a chill out, head to our hot tub/sauna.

If you’ve had a crap weekend, then come along and start as you mean to go on…did you know that 2-3 gins reduces your risk of giving a shit anyway?!

We will be holding our usual kinky pub quiz and as we heard grumbles from teams by the stage last year about the prize being free drinks and Prosecco (despite getting free entry to the club AND quiz), we are now asking for a £1 entry to the quiz per person and 100% of the quiz funds will be put up as prize money! Our quiz master will also be throwing in a curb ball to ensure that the same team doesn’t win every single month to keep it competitive for everyone!

So Tuesday 27th February @ The Tipsy Unicorn….gather your pals and head on over and share a drink or 3 with me ??


Happy Hour!!
9-10pm – 2 drinks for the price of 2 drinks

Free air guitar with every bottle of bud

See you there!

MARDI GRAS BIG PARTY NIGHT!!!! 24th Feb @ Townhouse

farmto table

Saturday 24th Feb is our BIG MARDI GRAS MASQUERADE PARTY! If last year is anything to go by, we highly recommend that you arrive before 10.30pm to guarantee entry!!

This is our 4th year of running Mardi Gras and it’s always a MASSIVE hit, so don’t miss it!

So what’s this Mardi Gras party all about?

February in New Orleans means MARDI GRAS!! A festival of colour, fun, flirty frolicks and the adult undertone of Bourbon Street. Townhouse will be celebrating Mardi Gras in our own ‘special’ way and we invite you to join us!

The club will be decorated in the traditional Green, Purple and Gold carnival colours, heady music will be playing, our DJ will be pumping the sounds from our lounge for those who fancy a dance, delicious food, such as pulled pork will be laid out for you to indulge and traditional garlands and beads will be provided for you to enjoy. Our Catacomb lounge will also be open for those who want to chill out.

In Bourbon street, women ‘flash’ for beads and favours; they boast a neck full of beads, advertising their promiscuity! Fancy the challenge of who can collect the most beads? There will be drinks in it! lol
Why not dress for the occasion in carnival colours and clothes, but if you don’t fancy going to those extremes, then wear a mask for ultimate mystery and seduction!

Overnight stays are fully booked already I’m afraid, but as many of you already know, we have a Premier Inn 3 mins away in a taxi in Birkenhead and a Travelodge in Bromborough which is around 5- 6 mins in a taxi

See you there! xxx

Updated Zero Tolerance Drug Policy @ Townhouse

We have the right to refuse entry to anybody who we feel may have pre-loaded on drugs before they enter the club.

We have the right to question anybody within the club who we feel may have taken drugs on the premises, brought drugs onto our premises, facilitated someone else to take drugs on our premises or if we believe someone is covering for another guest who has taken drugs on our premises.

We have anti-drug measures in place around the premises, to deter drug use, but this will not stop some determined people.

If we believe someone has taken drugs and/or has brought drugs onto our premises, we will ask that person to come to reception, escorted by a member of staff along with their bag (s). We will ask the person if we may perform a bag search and may ask for any pockets to be emptied out if we deem it necessary. We have the right to ask this under our Licensing guidelines and we have a policy for bag searches which is available for anyone to read. If the person refuses a bag search, we have the right to call the police who have authority to search the bag without permission of the owner.

If drugs are found, they will be seized and sealed in a clear sealable bag and locked in our safe. The police will be called and the guest will be asked to get dressed. The whole procedure would have been filmed on our cctv at reception and the recording will be made available to the police. The whole procedure will be recorded in our incident book which will be made available to the police. Personal information of the offender and partner if relevant, will be shared with the police in accordance with data protection guidelines as an offence would have been committed. The guest will be fully informed of procedure, police involvement, membership cards will be revoked and they will receive a lifetime ban.

We absolutely DO NOT TOLERATE illegal drug use of any kind at Townhouse and we take a very firm view of such activities for the greater good of our entire membership.

Please be mindful of these procedures if you participate in recreational drug taking and DO NOT TAKE ANY CHANCES IN OUR VENUE as we WILL follow this procedure.