Updated Zero Tolerance Drug Policy @ Townhouse

We have the right to refuse entry to anybody who we feel may have pre-loaded on drugs before they enter the club.

We have the right to question anybody within the club who we feel may have taken drugs on the premises, brought drugs onto our premises, facilitated someone else to take drugs on our premises or if we believe someone is covering for another guest who has taken drugs on our premises.

We have anti-drug measures in place around the premises, to deter drug use, but this will not stop some determined people.

If we believe someone has taken drugs and/or has brought drugs onto our premises, we will ask that person to come to reception, escorted by a member of staff along with their bag (s). We will ask the person if we may perform a bag search and may ask for any pockets to be emptied out if we deem it necessary. We have the right to ask this under our Licensing guidelines and we have a policy for bag searches which is available for anyone to read. If the person refuses a bag search, we have the right to call the police who have authority to search the bag without permission of the owner.

If drugs are found, they will be seized and sealed in a clear sealable bag and locked in our safe. The police will be called and the guest will be asked to get dressed. The whole procedure would have been filmed on our cctv at reception and the recording will be made available to the police. The whole procedure will be recorded in our incident book which will be made available to the police. Personal information of the offender and partner if relevant, will be shared with the police in accordance with data protection guidelines as an offence would have been committed. The guest will be fully informed of procedure, police involvement, membership cards will be revoked and they will receive a lifetime ban.

We absolutely DO NOT TOLERATE illegal drug use of any kind at Townhouse and we take a very firm view of such activities for the greater good of our entire membership.

Please be mindful of these procedures if you participate in recreational drug taking and DO NOT TAKE ANY CHANCES IN OUR VENUE as we WILL follow this procedure.