Here is the latest guestlist. Most of these names are people who are on Fab Swingers and have been added from there.
Biancoblue cpl
Born-horny cpl
Datina cpl
DaveandSamantha cpl
Dillydally sm
Eantee cpl
Elbel sf
Funfilthyfuckers cpl
Hillfolk cpl
Himandher156 cpl
Hornycouplexoxo cpl
HornyMike sm
Jackandjill123 cpl
Jess sf
Jesterlilac cpl
John and Helen cpl
Just barry sm
Kristen sf
LauraJane sf
Letsbbad cpl
Little Sarah sf
Liverpool2 cpl
Markashley9612 & Kitkat333 cpl
Mortysmith sm
MRandMRSB cpl
Mrmrs200 cpl
MrsandMrs22 cpl
Paul and Barb cpl
Pete and Caroline cpl
Pickles cpl
PoppyandVinny cpl
PrincessandPrince cpl
Ray sm
Sailor_poon cpl
Sue sf

The Friskies cpl
The Entertainment cpl
Tigerstripe76 sm
Wittowoo sf
Wonderwoman sf
Xavierstcloud sm
Youngcouple17 cpl

5 Couples who wish to remain private

2 single females who wish to remain private

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Our highly popular FREE MEMBERS PARTY is back!!!!

As you all know by now, this event is in massive demand and is a strict GUESTLIST only party so I can keep an eye on numbers…we don’t want to be uncomfortably busy or go over our capacity!

So, you need to be a member AND have your membership card in hand. If you want to come, please state your interest by emailing us

We are limiting single guys to 8 and again you must be established members with a membership card in hand.

As you are getting in for free, we ask that you leave your alcohol at home and buy from our highly subsidised bar instead***

We’ll have our DJ with us and some nibbles on the bar as usual.

*As this would be a great night for newbies who want to attend on a party night,we will be…

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