HEADSPACE – Auralism Party 25th May


Headspace is back! With more playlists and the things that were popular with the first event, such as the UV theme in the main room and UV body painting, The Dark Room which proved ever so popular πŸ˜‰ The Bondage Room, The Basement and Jim’s Trunk of Funk in the main bar (this time with mix of Electro thrown in the mix). The Crypt in the basement was busy last time, it was excellent to see so much play down here.

I don’t know about you but I loved the club scene but didn’t like the lack of etiquette, the need to get hammered and throw up or the non consensual touchy feely stuff, so I thought bugger it I shall have to do something myself and created Headspace. Then it evolved in several Headspaces that got me out of my box, sourced music to suit to create atmospheres.

This event will be split into zones, the GREEN ZONE = Chill and chat in the main bar with Jim’s Trunk creating an ambience with his fantastic taste and throwing Electro into the pot. The ground floor Main Room will again be a UV theme with lights and glow sticks, music to dance and play to (please do use the stage). Wearing something white looks awesome in here, as does UV paint, wax and rope (if you are contemplating UV paint or wax please contact us first or approach a team member first, we can’t let it get all messy and ruin this element for future events).

Down in the basement we have the AMBER ZONE = A member of the team wants to set the theme as industrial in here. We’ve asked him to roll with it and see what evolves. This is what we love about this event, people get all creative πŸ™‚

The first floor will be a RED ZONE = With the The Bondage Dungeon and The Dark Room. For those who dare look we have something very special in The Treatment Room = Mistress Empathy (The Fet Therapist) and Her equally deviant partner Hawkwind999 are planning something very special for Headspace this year. The first floor clinic is being converted into their very own ‘Kill Room’. There will be plastic, there will be a very helpless victim and there will be blood, lots of it! This scene is not for the squeamish. Think Dexter with a twist. Enter the room if you dare for this demonstration of severe blood curdling perversity.

Just be careful, you don’t end up the next victim.

If you are new to the scene or squeamish then think of the Zones as traffic lights. Stay in the GREEN ZONE may suit you better or if you dare venture into the AMBER ZONE. The RED ZONE on the second floor with Dark Edge Play, Heavy Bondage and possible shenanigans in The Dark Room which may not suit everyone.

This venture is about covering costs and having an affordable night out. Any money left over will be put back into the pot for the next one. Β£10 on the door with Β£10 locker deposit which will be credited against your bar tab.

More detail will be added in the next few weeks, the crew are busy scheming and putting playlists together πŸ™‚

Headspace crew will be dotted around. Feel free to stop anyone of us with any questions you may have

If you don’t have Townhouse membership please bring a form of ID

Usual Townhouse etiquette and rules apply

Don’t mix alcohol and play. Please keep it safe, sane & consensual