Buxom Babes @ Townhouse! Thurs 19th July

Today Only (3)

It’s time to ‘Flaunt Your Curves’ ladies!!

Wow, after two fantastic party nights, I can’t believe we are already coming up to the 3rd Buxom Babes Party of the year – and this time we are celebrating SUMMER!! Ladies, think beachwear, bikinis, hula skirts or swimsuits!! Gents, how about the Hawaiian shirt look, a pair of budgie smugglers or even the Baywatch lifeguard look (it worked for the Hoff!). Dressing up is NOT obligatory, but it is always fun & the best outfit on the night will win a free drink!! 🙂

As always, this event celebrates those luscious ladies who have curves to die for – and the guys & girls who adore them!! And lets face it, we all know who it is that makes the rocking world go round!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Buxom Babe, a Plus-size Princess, a Curvy Kitten or a Voluptuous Vixen. It’s not about ‘labels’, it’s about flaunting your fabulous assets and having the confidence to do so! No matter if you are blessed with Beyonce’s booty, Shakira’s hips, Kim’s boobs or Nigella’s thighs … every ‘body’ is welcome 🙂

For the guys & girls who adore a lady with added va-va-voom, then this is the night for you! We are looking for both classy ladies & gorgeous gents who want to impress our Buxom Babes … and maybe more!!

We have also got a surprise party gift to give away to one lucky lady who’s name will be drawn at random from the guestlist on the night!

We have a strict dress code for this event, so sportswear and trainers are NOT permitted. Please make the effort and dress to impress!

And remember … Curvy is the new black!


‘The Small Print’

The event will be held at Townhouse, 9 Union St, Birkenhead, CH42 3TL.

Doors open at 19:30 and closing time is 01:30

For any newbies to Townhouse, I’ll be more than happy to show you round on the night. It’s a gorgeous club with fabulous facilities and 4 floors of fun for you to explore! There is a good mix of large group play rooms, more intimate areas, private rooms and dungeons for you to fulfil your fantasies. Not forgetting the social areas like the bar, lounge, hot tub and sauna.

For further information and to see photos of the club then please check out


Entry Prices:

* Ladies – £5

* Couples – £ 10

* Gents – members £10 / non-members £20

* T-Girls – £5

You will need £10 as a locker key deposit and we ask that you purchase your drinks from our very reasonably priced and well stocked bar – including a huge selection for any gin lovers from our oriGIN bar. If you need a towel, one can be obtained at reception for a nominal cost of £1, or you are welcome to bring your own.

If you are not a member of Townhouse, then please bring either your driving license or two forms of ID – one must be photo ID as well as something with your address on, such as a utility or mobile bill. Members simply need to show their membership card.

Look forward to seeing you there!!

Morticia xx

50 Shades of Wahay Swinging/Fetish Crossover Party Sat 7th July


This is our usual fantastic Swinging Saturday but we will also be joined by some members of our fetish community. Some will be playing openly for you to observe and ask questions afterwards.

Others will be running a demonstration for those who are curious about BDSM but don’t know where to start.

Our demos will be starting around 10.15pm and run through until about 11.30pm beginning with a very brief chat on etiquette and what to expect during the evening.

For this 50 Shades, it’s all about the girls being on top! We have demos from female dominants who will help any ladies wishing to take control of their playmates.

Are you turned on by the sound of your lover whispering in your ear, or perhaps you hear the beat in a song and it sparks you inside? For our first demo, The Scorpion Queen will be giving a talk on Auralism. This is defined as a fetish or sexual arousal caused by sound. Sounds such as music, talking and whispering, listening to others moan during sex etc. Once she has explained how sound can set a scene, she will be demonstrating for small groups.

In the main lounge Lady Chamoix will be explaining what it means to her to be a femdomme and give some starting points on just how to take the lead in the bedroom (or elsewhere) while demonstrating on her submissive. From getting into the right mind to begin with, starting a power exchange and things you can do with your sub.

The open play occuring on the night will include things such as flogging and needleplay.

As this is a swinging night, our upstairs playrooms will be open as usual for filth and frolicks! So if you’re not curious about BDSM, then our bar area, wet area and all upstairs swinging rooms will be there for your pleasure!

The dress code is our usual dress to impress or if you’re feeling daring, then fetishwear is more than ok!!! lol

Our usual prices apply and we are still only admitting 8 single guys from our swinging membership; there maybe one or two additional guys in attendance from our fetish community who are doing the demos or playing openly for you to watch, learn and admire!

We recommend that you arrive before 10pm as this will be busy but also or demos are starting early and you don’t want to miss out!
See you there! xxx

Unicorns @ Townhouse 20th July

A unicorn is a single bisexual female on the swinging scene that plays with both members of a couple.

Supposedly rare and elusive but at Townhouse, we know a good deal of unicorns… you’ve just got to know how to treat them well and tempt them out to play.

Our magical ladies will be spoiled and prized as they should be. Unicorns aren’t a play thing or a commodity… they are confident, sassy and know exactly what they want from a couple… Equal pleasure and respect.

Upon arrival, the unicorns will receive a glass of fizz, a wristband to show their status and some stickers.

During the event, unicorns can express an interest in couples by putting a sticker on them. It’s then up to the couples to choose to pursue that unicorn and give chase.

The lounge will become the twinkle pit… a comfy floor space, lit by candles and fairy lights for couples and unicorns to chill, socialise and become acquainted.

We have our special paddock where only filles are allowed. It’s purely for girl on girl exploration with no studs permitted. It does however have a viewing window for those men that love to watch their ladies enjoy ladies. It’s at the discretion of the women as they can control the blinds to allow or prevent voyeurs. Let the teasing commence.

No single guys for this party and no ‘coupling up.’

Unicorns £10
Unicorn Hunting Couples £20
Ménage a trois £25 (cpl + fem)

That’s right, if you capture the attention of a unicorn and bring her with you, she will get a discounted entry for a MFF group.
So any unicorns that fancy finding a couple for a dalliance or something longer lasting… or any couples that have mastered the art of unicorn taming or newbies that are looking to take their first three way steps… come on over to The Tipsy Unicorn Bar.

The event runs from 830pm – 3am.

If you’re not a member then you need to bring ID. We have a fully stocked bar for you to purchase your drinks and as it’s a private party, you cannot bring your own alcohol. Towel hire is £1 or you can bring your own. This is strictly a dress to impress event. No sportswear or trainers.

Couples & Single Ladies Party 14th Sept with Beauty and the Beard


We are so EXCITED to be hosting another one of our fabulous private parties, to be held at Townhouse on Friday 14th Sept, 8.30pm till 3am
***NO Theme, NO Gimmicks, NO Fuss, JUST Filth***

This is a Guestlist only event. If you would like to attend then just pop your names down in the thread. Feel free to message us if you wish to remain private

All COUPLES & FEMALES are welcome. If you are not a member of Townhouse then please bring along two forms of ID with you (one photo ID AND something with your address on)

Couples need to either hold a Townhouse couples membership or a verified and established couples Fab Swingers (or similar) profile

We have a strict dress code at Townhouse so sportswear and trainers are NOT permitted

Entry Prices:
£20 Couples
£10 Females
£15 for overnight stays (if you wish to make a night of it)

We are offering some promotions for this party, we host the “Birthday Event” which is held the night after this party & we would love all you sexy couples & females to be able to join us both nights if you wish to make a weekend of it

Single Females – if you wish to come along with a couple you can benefit from a £5 reduced entry fee. You will have to arrive and book in with a couple to receive this offer.

You can also purchase a weekend pass, this is to be purchased on the Friday Night which will gain you a £5 discount off your total entry fee over the two nights
(Please note you can only make use of one of the above promotions)

As this is a private party we ask that you leave your alcohol at home and purchase it from our well stocked & subsidised bar

We are so look forward to seeing you all there
Beauty and the Beard xxx

MILF Monday ‘Porn in the USA’ 2nd July

Porn in the USA @ Townhouse!

Happy US Independence Day y’all!!

It’s almost time for some good ole’ American style partyin’ – so why not get on down to Milf Monday’s “PORN IN THE USA” day!!

Think creative people … red, white & blue, Lady Liberty, the Star Spangled Banner … options are endless for some creative outfits!!
So ladies – do you want to release your inner cowgirl, or fancy lassoing yourself a sexy ranch hand?

And gents – want to find girls hotter than Hollywood can offer, or get yourselves a bit of Summer Lovin’?

Then get your name on our list & get your sexy selves over to Townhouse for a party better than anything you’ll see at the Playboy Mansion!!

If you’d like to attend then please email us on infotownhouse@aol.com and we’ll add you on to our guest list. Please be aware that this event is GUEST LIST ONLY!

Milf Monday’s PORN IN THE USA entry fee is £10 for the dudes but the chicks will get FREE ENTRY!

‘The Notso Small Print’
The club can be found at 9 Union St, Birkenhead, CH42 3TL.
This is a daytime event for ladies and couples who want to meet single guys. Some of our girls are greedy too, so we aim for a 3:1 ratio of guys to girls at their request.
Doors open at 10:30 and closing time is 15:30. Last entry is 1pm
We cap numbers at 100 to make it pleasant and comfortable for our guests, therefore this is a strict GUESTLIST ONLY party. Please only place your name on the list if you can definitely make it as places are in demand; we have a 3 strike rule for people who continuously waste places.
We also ask that you stick to a ‘smart/casual’ dress code – no hoodies, sportswear or trainers.
NON MEMBERS/NEWBIES – You are MORE than welcome at the club and I’ll be happy to give you a tour of the place and answer any questions you may have on the day.
You will just need to bring some photo ID with you AND something with your address on. NO ID = NO ENTRY! Townhouse members, just bring along your membership card.
You will need a £10 deposit for your locker key/bar tab which is offset against your bar bill. Townhouse has a very cheap licensed bar to keep you refreshed throughout the day, so please leave your own drinks at home. Towels are available or you can bring your own.
PLEASE DO NOT PARK in Bookers car park or the car parks of other local businesses. Parking enforcements are operating in the area so please be aware of this. There is plenty of on-street parking in and around Union Street. Please be considerate to local residents (no obstructing driveways etc). Thank you.

Liverpool Swinging Social Does Townhouse 23rd June 2018

The Liverpool Social is once again hitting the bars on the afternoon of the 23rd June 2018, gathering new and experienced swingers in a social setting, helping to break the ice and meet some of our staff outside of the club.

This social is advertised on Fab Swingers and names are being gathered there. The gathering have the option of coming over to the club afterwards (as long as they aren’t pished) and can on their frivolities behind closed doors!

As this is a special night (and by no means a social once in Townhouse), we are offering reduced entry to the club for all. We usually have 8 single guy places on a Saturday but we are extending this to 10 places due to the nature of the event. BUT the guys MUST be members and book their place in advance. This party is mostly a couples and single females event.

Here are your bargain entry prices –
Couples £15 (inc new couples)
Females FREE
Single Guys £20
TGirls £5

The usual dress code of ‘Dress to Impress’ still applies, so those out in the day cannot turn up in casual clothes or trainers. ID or a membership is compulsory for all.

Let’s get this party started!!

Vicky’s Big Birthday Bash! 30th June @ Townhouse

Well it’s my birthday AGAIN!! These years seem to be flying by! It must be all the fun I’m having lol 😉

Sooooo….our regulars will know that my birthday is a NOT TO BE MISSED party and is one of our biggest nights of the year. For those who haven’t been before, you need to get those babysitters booked and think up another fib to tell your friends about where you are going, coz you simply need to come to this party!

As it’s National Armed Forces Day, we are doing some fundraising which will involve me being naked (again lol) and using me as target practice. That’s all I’m saying! Lol We will also be donating a £1 from everyone’s entry to charity. Our chosen charity for this event is SAAFA…I’ll let you look that up.

In keeping with the theme, it would be great if people could turn up in uniform or variation of a uniform!!! Sex it up as much as you want! Lol Be creative, be wild, be adventurous, be sexy and show us all why a man or woman in uniform is the ultimate turn on!

Our DJ will be with us, a caterer will be supplying a gorg buffet early doors and there will be cake!! I swear I’m going to face plant one of these cakes one day!

I intend to dance til my feet drop off, party hard and get my kit on, off, on and off again!

I want to see filth and debauchery as early as you dare and let’s rock this joint!!!

Who’s in??

Vic xxx

Not so small print…


£20 per couple before 9pm/£25 after 9.30pm

£5 per single female

£30 per single guy

£10 per TGirl

New couples need to arrive before 9.30pm

Single guys must book in advance for a place and we have 8 places.

We will not be taking full loyalty cards for entry on this event as we are raising money for charity 

We are offering overnights for £15 per person if you want to crash out and join me for drinkie poos after hours 😀