Unicorns @ Townhouse 20th July

A unicorn is a single bisexual female on the swinging scene that plays with both members of a couple.

Supposedly rare and elusive but at Townhouse, we know a good deal of unicorns… you’ve just got to know how to treat them well and tempt them out to play.

Our magical ladies will be spoiled and prized as they should be. Unicorns aren’t a play thing or a commodity… they are confident, sassy and know exactly what they want from a couple… Equal pleasure and respect.

Upon arrival, the unicorns will receive a glass of fizz, a wristband to show their status and some stickers.

During the event, unicorns can express an interest in couples by putting a sticker on them. It’s then up to the couples to choose to pursue that unicorn and give chase.

The lounge will become the twinkle pit… a comfy floor space, lit by candles and fairy lights for couples and unicorns to chill, socialise and become acquainted.

We have our special paddock where only filles are allowed. It’s purely for girl on girl exploration with no studs permitted. It does however have a viewing window for those men that love to watch their ladies enjoy ladies. It’s at the discretion of the women as they can control the blinds to allow or prevent voyeurs. Let the teasing commence.

No single guys for this party and no ‘coupling up.’

Unicorns £10
Unicorn Hunting Couples £20
Ménage a trois £25 (cpl + fem)

That’s right, if you capture the attention of a unicorn and bring her with you, she will get a discounted entry for a MFF group.
So any unicorns that fancy finding a couple for a dalliance or something longer lasting… or any couples that have mastered the art of unicorn taming or newbies that are looking to take their first three way steps… come on over to The Tipsy Unicorn Bar.

The event runs from 830pm – 3am.

If you’re not a member then you need to bring ID. We have a fully stocked bar for you to purchase your drinks and as it’s a private party, you cannot bring your own alcohol. Towel hire is £1 or you can bring your own. This is strictly a dress to impress event. No sportswear or trainers.