Introduction to Erotic and Sensual Photography (workshop) 26th August

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Welcome to an exciting opportunity to spend the afternoon with professional and published photographer *ColoursOfSilence at Townhouse! It really doesn’t matter if you are an absolute beginner or already have some basic knowledge of photography terms; you will learn useful tips and tricks as well as the skill to use your own camera to your advantage and take your photography game to another level.

This workshop is suitable for everyone with DSLR (however basic or old it might be), with a passion for photography and you will learn a little more about the beautiful art of photography. The focus of this workshop is for erotic and sensual photography, however the rules and techniques which will be taught are easily transferable to all different genres of photography.

Starting at 2pm with a lecture accompanied with visual examples and inspiring photographs, we will go through basic photography rules such as your camera setting, composition, usage of the light, choosing the location, posing the model and everything you need to know to take better pictures.

We will also talk about:

– what equipment to buy

– what lenses and cameras are worth investing in

– what effect different lightning techniques may have to a final photograph

– extensively speaking about posing models of all age groups and shapes and what your models or partners can do to look better on pictures

– framing and composition of the pictures

– using colours to help convey emotion

The second part of the workshop will be dedicated to practice – there is no better way to learn than try it for yourself. One-to-one tuition will be offered during this time and the whole venue will be available for putting everything you have learned into practice. I will be offering an individual approach with open dialogue and I will be with you throughout the day so you ask whatever you want, get help or direction, and produce some great pictures right then and there!

Lighting equipment will be available across the venue for you to use.

I would like to advise you to bring your own model – someone to take pictures of – model, partner, friend – this workshop will be very informative for models as far as posing is concerned, preparing for a photoshoot and perhaps even taking better selfies Smile

The price of the ticket is £20 per person. Tickets are available to buy via this link

We advise you to book your ticket as soon as possible, as there are only limited spaces available!

6 hours of professional photography tuition with focus on erotic and sensual art, recommended for beginners, hobbyist or medium skilled photographers.

Let’s learn how to create some art together!