Horror Movie and Paranormal Night @ Townhouse 31st October


Last year we held a paranormal night and it was amazing!!! This year we are changing things up for those who like to mix their love for Horror movies and their love of ghost hunting! 🙂 Please note, this is NOT a play event. There will be no swinging or BDSM play whatsoever; this is a vanilla night.

We will open our doors at 8pm on Wednesday 31st October for drinks and settling in. All of the lights will be off as soon as you walk in the club (inc the toilets), so you will need to bring torches. At 8.30pm, our horror movie will commence on the huge projector screen in the main lounge and there will be no admission after this time, so you will not get in if you are late.

After the movie, there will be time for drinks before we split up into small groups around the club. We will have EMF readers, motion sensors, a spirit box and other tools to use but please feel free to bring along a video camera or mobile phone along to record sound and visuals. We will set up some trigger objects around the club which will be sealed off.

At the end of the night (around 2pm) we will gather together for tea/coffee and biccies to talk about our experiences and the lights will go on for the first time.

For those who want to crash out, you are welcome to do so as this sort of thing can be very exhausting!! Just bring a sleeping bag or duvet! We will re-open the next morning from 10am to let you out. So if you need to leave before this time, you cannot stay.

I am restricting the number attendees to 15. Anymore than this and the noise pollution from people moving around affects the investigation.

Payment is required in advance for this night and it’s £12 per person. You can pay by bank transfer or paypal, just email me at infotownhouse@aol.com to reserve a place and I will send you the payment info. Your place is not confirmed until payment is received.

See you there!