CMnf – Clothed Male – Naked Female Fetish Party 24th Jan 2019


Clothed Male/naked female (CM/nf) conjures up many emotions and appears to resonate with both Dominants and submissives.

Within a Dominant this may be the fantasies of power and control which increase the appeal for such events however for the submissives the appeal for such fantasies seems less obvious. These fantasies appear to be less about power exchange and more about challenging their own fears; being exposed and vulnerable, surrounded by well dressed men.

This event is intended as an introduction to CM/nf. Baring this in mind, on entry we invite each Dominant to derobe his submissive, stripping her into submission in the bar before taking her through to the lounge, which for the first part of the night will become our ‘submissives area’. At 8.45pm prompt, once the doors are closed and the last people are in; our Opening Ceremony will begin. Each Dominant will be invited to parade his submissive in a pageant for all the other Dominants. How this is done is left to your own imagination, naked blindfolded and shackled may be your particular fantasy. Once everyone has taken their turn we invite everyone through to the lounge were everyone can make themselves comfortable and enjoy a scene; this will take place from approximately 9.30pm. Whilst full nudity is preferred for all females we have allowed a limited dress code (please see below for further details) to allow some elements of modesty whilst still enforcing exposure.

Whilst the option to play will be available, this is a high protocol event and the emphasis is primarily on the dynamic and headspace created.


Both single gentlemen and females admissions will be manage on a 1 for 1 basis for those who requests a place. This is NOT a first come first served basis. The presentation and conduct will be heavy factored into the selection of our single attendees, therefore we are more likely to choose people we know or who have been vouched for and have proven that they are suitable for the event.

We would not wish to discourage applications but we are not able to guarantee availability of spaces for single attendees. Please bear this in mind if you would like to attend.

The dress code for both sexes will be meticulously enforced for this event for one reason only: To ensure the dynamic of the event does not become diluted.

The style of dress (or undress in the female’s case) is a visual reminder of the dynamic we are trying to create; the strong, dominant man and the vulnerable submissive female.

This is not an event for the exhibitionists, it is an event for those submissives who wish to bare their souls and lay themselves naked and vulnerable to their desires.

This event will have a VERY strict dress code and it is the guests responsibility to make sure they fully understand the requirements. If you have any questions regarding the dress code, please do get in touch at as we WILL be removing those guests who do not meet the dress code. We are sorry if this may seem heavy handed but dress and undress is central to this event and has to be strictly followed.


Clothed Male

Suit: Our preferred choice is a tuxedo or dinner suit worn with a collared shirt and tie but a minimum of a 2 piece matching jacket and trousers, worn with a collared shirt and tie.
naked female

Minimum outfit: Our preferred choice for female guests naked.
Maximum outfit: We do understand that for a lot of our female guests the idea of being completely naked is a scary thought as it challenges them to fight one of their biggest foes; self-confidence. Because of this we are allowing minimal clothing and these MUST conform to the following rules:

The majority of the body must be exposed: the skin must be unreservedly visible.
Clothing, if worn, must be lingerie in style, minimal and sheer. Acceptable items of lingerie are: holdups, stockings, suspender belts, open cup bras, and waist cinchers. No full cup bras.
A minimum of breasts and/or genitals must be the exposed at all times. This means no covering of any kind.

If you have any questions about acceptable items for male or female attendees, please do not hesitate to drop us a message at

It is £15pp in advance or £20 on the door and you can pay in advance by paypal. Please ask for info.

See you there xx

*** PLEASE NOTE : This is NOT a swinging party and no swinging activities will take place at this party. This is purely a CMnf fetish party for those into this kink.