Vicky on the Radio!! Townhouse on the airwaves


Some of you may know that I did a podcast with Radio City 967 recently with a host from their breakfast show who has a special podcast called ‘Ladies of Liverpool’ which features women across the city who are influential.

When the host approached me to do it, I was cautious at first as we have featured in the media a lot over the last 2 years and not all of it has been positive, but as written media is at the hands of an editor and you can easily be misquoted, it is far more ‘risky’ than a radio interview which is in my own words. So I decided to go ahead, as the broadcaster was so positive and had a genuine interest in what we do at Townhouse.

So I went up 450ft above Liverpool into the Radio City tower and met Leanne Campbell Power, the host of the Leanne and Dave Breakfast Show and went into their studio where they host the show; I have to admit that I was a teeny bit excited! lol

The interview went well and Leanne stayed true to her word; she was positive about the scene with a natural inquisitiveness.

If you would like to listen to the interview then here are the links:

If you’re on Spotify, go to Ladies of Liverpool episode 8, which is my interview

You can listen online here

If you’re on ITunes then copy and paste this link

I am hoping that the more we talk about what we do at Townhouse, the more normal it becomes to talk about it in the vanilla world and although we may not be understood, there may be less vitriol!