Vicky’s BIG BIRTHDAY BASH!! Celebrate with the Boss Lady of Townhouse! 29th June

Well it’s my birthday AGAIN!! These years seem to be flying by! It must be all the fun I’m having lol ??

Sooooo….our regulars will know that my birthday is a NOT TO BE MISSED party and is one of our biggest nights of the year. For those who haven’t been before, you need to get those babysitters booked and think up another fib to tell your friends about where you are going, coz you simply need to come to this party!

SO many people have been asking for a uniform party, so let’s smarten this thing up and dress to impress in any uniform you wish…be as imaginative as you like and sex it up if you wish! Be creative, be wild, be adventurous, be sexy and show us all why a man or woman in uniform is the ultimate turn on!

Our DJ will be with us, a caterer will be supplying a gorg buffet early doors and there will be cake!!

I intend to dance til my feet drop off, party hard and get my kit on, off, on and off again!

I want to see filth and debauchery as early as you dare and let’s rock this joint!!!

Who’s in??
Vic xxx

Not so small print…
£25 per couple before
£5 per single female
£30 per single guy
£10 per TGirl

New couples need to arrive before 9.30pm

Single guys must book in advance for a place and we have 8 places.

We will not be taking full loyalty cards for entry on this event I’m afraid, but we will stamp your card of course.

We are offering overnights for £15 per person if you want to crash out and join me for drinkie poos after hours ??