Lip Sync For Your Life!! @ Townhouse 14th September – hosted by JENNI TALIA

Prepare to be dazzled! Prepare to be wowed! Prepare to laugh your socks off at a load of swingers emulating your favourite pop and rock stars for shits n giggles!

Your hostess for this amazing party is the one and only Jenni Talia and she doesn’t want any shy wallflowers, she wants exhibitionists (on and off stage) and she wants a captive audience who will cheer and dance to the poor souls lip syncing for their lives for your entertainment!

There will be solo battles and one on one battles to decide the ultimate winner! If you were at our last rock night, you know how competitive and downright crazy our battles can be, so be prepared for belly laughs and memories you just wish you could film and stick on facebook!

Anybody who takes part in the battles will receive a free entry and there will be a prize for the ultimate winner. You don’t need to be Robbie Williams, in fact, it’s funnier if you are not perfect! If you love to perform but you’re a shit singer, then this is your chance to pretend you’re a star, but the idea is that you lip sync to the music and perform outrageously! If you have ever seen Ru Pauls Drag Race, then you have a head start!

The battles will be over in time for you to still have plenty of opportunity to shake the foundations in our playrooms….it’s a swinging party afterall ??

Reduced priced entry for this one too !!
Free for ladies
£5 for Tgirls
£15 for couples
£20 for guys (limit of 8 guys who must be members)

We have a VERY cheap licensed bar, so please leave you drinks at home. If you have a full loyalty card, feel free to use it to gain free entry.

Dress code is dress to impress…you could always come along as a pop star or rock star though ??

We open our doors at 8.30pm and the filth goes on until 3am. Last entry is 10.30pm or 9.30pm if you are new.

Lets lip sync like nobody is watching!

Let’s lip sync for our lives!

See you there!