High Tea & Hysteria – Goth and Steampunk Event @ Townhouse 3rd Nov

townhouse presents (1)

Sunday, November 03, 2019 · 2:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Cost: £10 in advance or £12 on night

Dress code: Your best Goth or most industrious Steampunk – dress to impress!!

Welcome into the Darklight fellow Goths, let yourself ‘revel’ in the deep, sacred blacklight flickering around Lucifer’s eternal flames of Hellfire.

Fellow Steampunk’s – as explorers and technocrats, glam up in your Techno-Victoriana

Having landed either from your Dirigible or emerged from the sullen depths of Depravity, ascend the Portal of T’ownhouse to gain admittance and have your credentials examined!

Tunes will play on the new-fangled, ‘Hysteria Mix’ – handpicked by your valiant Schwifty, a techno musical extravaganza of waxy cylinders and Metal.

Explore all corners of The T’ownhouse , from the Upper-Rooms in the Gods ’Heaven’, the middle floors or ‘infernal’ equipment from the Herr Doctor Medical Chair ( known as the Gynstuhl ) and the benches, hoists and other equipment on the ‘DarkSide’. Then pass the Ground floor for socialising, dancing and replenishing your drinks (Great Gin btw) OR descend into the Kellers and underground places of confinement, complete with rustic prison cells, rubber room and other equipment -where the groans of pleasure are intermingled with swishes of whips and floggers and the glint of steel against pale flesh, hairs rising with excitement; you can smell the pheromones wafting on the air!

One night of Tunes…..let yourself loose to experience ‘T’Other side’, let yourself be free and enjoy!


Tickets can be pre-booked at £10, or £12 on the night. Email infotownhouse@aol.com to reserve your place. Keep a record of your booking reference when you turn up. Tickets are non refundable and are non-transferable, if you’re not a member please bring the normal ID required for entry on the night, See the Townhouse website for full details.