INDULGENCE – All Female Party @ Townhouse 17th October!

Our all girl event returns once more and is now a huge bi-annual event!!!

8 ladies are part of the Indulgence planning team to bring you an extra special party that is being advertised far and wide to bring women together from all 4 corners of the UK!! So tell your friends as you can’t miss this!! 76 women attended our last party, featuring the biggest orgy we’ve ever seen at Townhouse (no shit) and it was simply an incredible night!

The party is open to straight, bi and gay women, swingers, fetishists and nillas. If you identify as female, you are welcome. Basically, there is something for everyone at Indulgence…there are no parameters and no judgements.

The club will be divided up into zones and you may opt to wear a wristband to distinguish your interests on the night; bands can of course be mixed if you are into different things…

Green Zone – Groundfloor – Socials, Entertainment, Food and Body Art

– A green wristband may be worn if you are staying in this zone.
In this area, there will be no nudity and no play but you can go as skimpy with your clothing as you wish. We will be treated to an amazing Burlesque performance by Bambi Le Bam and she will be running a fun workshop for those who fancy learning the art of tease! She is very well known in the Northwest and will have you dancing like a pro in no time! This is free of charge

Our bar will be your watering hole where you can grab some food, tuck into our sweetie corner and replenish your drinks, mingle and meet new friends. It’s like the kitchen at a house party, where everyone congregates!

The wet area will be open for those who would like a sauna or jacuzzi. We will also be welcoming back our body painter who will be wowing us with her artistry in here. New for this event is a Henna Artist who will be offering you some semi permanent art as a reminder of your fabulous night! All free of charge

There will be several hosts wandering around the groundfloor to offer a friendly face, introducing you to people if you wish and keeping everyone updated on the itinerary for the night. We will also have an all female staff on board for this party.

Blue Zone – 1st Floor – Therapies, Tattoos and Fetish – A blue wristband may be worn if you are a fetishist

This floor is where our therapist will be offering Indian Head Massage and Reiki, all free of charge. We will have a calming therapy area for you to indulge and 15 minute sessions are booked on the night.

At the opposite end of the 1st Floor, our main dungeon will be open for those who enjoy more edgy play and our medical room will feature a tattoo artist!!! She is very experienced and fully insured for mobile work. Obviously this is a charged service but she is offering special rates for this party. You can book in on the night and discuss your ideas. So please come with at least a basic idea of what you want. Due to time constraints, only small ish tattoos will be undertaken to allow for as many people as possible to book in.

Red Zone – 2nd floor – Massage and sex! A red wristband may be worn if you are up for some up close and personal fun

This floor has quiet private rooms for those who want to get sexy behind closed doors. There is a group play room which will feature a fun mutual massage class for those who want to gain some massage skills to take away to their partners. You will need to pair up for this as you will  be massaging each other. It’s a short class, so won’t take up your valuable playtime. This will also run early in the night, so it won’t take up the play areas for long.

Black Zone – Cellar dungeon and photo studio

Our professional female photographer is back and wow, did she create some STUNNING work last time! She will be housed in this area, offering you the opportunity to get some amazing shots for your personal use or online profiles. She is simply brilliant and we are SO lucky to have her with us! She is offering a 30 min shoot, producing 5 professionally finished photos sent to your inbox within 7-10 days for £30!!!! These slots will go quick and again, you need to book and pay for your shoot in advance. If you want to see her work, go to

This isn’t just a party, this is an EVENT and you can’t miss it! Doors open at 7.30pm, closing at 1.30am (last entry is strictly 10pm). It’s just £10 per person if you book a ticket in advance or £15 on the door. You can book tickets via our box office or by contacting the club directly and you can pay by paypal. You can also purchase your ticket for our photographer direct with us or at our box office.

The dress code is dress to impress! So no sportswear, leggings, Ugg boots or onesies for this one!!! Lol Don’t forget your sexy dress down gear if you want to get filthy on the top floor! So, grab your glad rags and let’s raise the roof of Townhouse!!

See you there!
Indulgence team 2019