Leather & Lace Reloaded Rock Night @ Townhouse 12th October

October is Halloween month, so what a perfect time for the next Leather & Lace, the best swingers event for those who like their music loud.

What would Halloween be without a theme, and for this Leather & Lace it’s – Heavy Metal Horror – we want to see your dark, freaky, evil, naughty costumes and outfits. Think bloody fallen angels, corrupted black metal nuns, zombie ZZ top cosplay or maybe killer clowns from outer space. We’ll be giving out prizes for the best costumes so it’s totally worth putting in some effort with a crazy outfit. But don’t worry, if you don’t want to dress up that’s totally cool, normal dress code applies.

We’ll have the amazing DJ Klang back and he’s got something special in mind for his return performance. The last one was crazy so I can only imagine how insane this one will be. If you were at June’s party you’ll remember how epic it was.

Normal Saturday night prices apply for this one – £25 for couples, £10 TV’s, £5 single ladies and £30 for single guys. There isn’t any list for couples and ladies, but feel free to get in touch and let me know you can make it (love my lists!)

Single guys need to put their names on the list and must be members of the club. There are only 8 swinging Single Male places available, so book in early to avoid disappointment. Please message the club as normal.

When it comes to the actual music being played…
In the bar there will be a great mix of songs from bands like Offspring, ACDC, Steel Panther, Faith No More, Soundgarden, The Clash, Guns N Rose’s etc. The lounge will be the amazing DJ Klang pumping out an eclectic mix of dance along classics as well as Halloween specials!

On the first floor we’ll have the ‘METAL’ room, with the lights turned way down and heavier tunes, this open space will be perfect to get down to some totally hard and filthy play. The top floor will feature a mix of pop punk and indie classics to set a lighter, more playful mood.

While it will be great to see how creative you all are. If you don’t want to dress up, band t-shirts will be fine in the bar, but I strongly encourage people to dress to impress, think latex, leather, mesh, Lace, lycra. This is a swinging event, anyone going upstairs MUST dress down to fit with the policy of the club.

All attendees must bring membership cards or valid ID (picture part drivers license is perfect, otherwise Passport and utility bill)

Doors open at 8:30pm.
Last entry is 10:30pm and newbies must arrive before 9:30pm to be shown around.

If you would like to stay over, it’s a bargain £15 per person and can be arranged by emailing Vicky at infotownhouse@aol.com . Pre payment is required to book a stay over.

Personally can’t wait for this one and I’m so excited to see how creative you all are. Let’s make it an October to remember \”/