Roaring 20’s/Peaky Blinders/Flappers NYE Party @ Townhouse 31st Dec!

New Years Eve

So it’s the BIGGEST party night of the year yet again and it’s a guaranteed lock in!!! Where do the years go?!!

We invite you to join us from 8.30pm for the last party of the year and take us into the first party of next year. Townhouse know how to throw a New Years Eve party so you don’t want to miss it!

We are entering the 20’s so what better way to celebrate than with a Rip Roaring 20’s/Peaky Blinder/Flappers  party? We’re going back to the last time we entered into the 20’s, 100 years ago when alcohol was prohibited in the States, Women became more provocative, mobsters ruled the roost and music made the foundations rock in clubs all around the world. A time of Glitz, Glamour, Tassles, Head dresses, Tommy guns, Spats and and Baker Boy caps.

Townhouse will be lit by candlelight in the bar and lounge, with inspirational music pumping to get your feet tapping and your hearts racing in the lead up to midnight.  Townhouse moonshine shots will be floating around for you to sample and prohibition bath tub gin will be served at the bar. Food will be served and luxuries will be in abundance. Leave your Tommy Guns at home and arrive in your best 1920’s finery for the party of the year!

Our Butler will be circulating with canapes and later on he will be serving bubbly so be sure to give his bum a squeeze on the way past…he responds well to snogs too 😉 Our shot waitress will also be offering free shots in the lead up to midnight.

This is a TICKET ONLY EVENT so we can control numbers. You will not get in without a ticket, so please tell your friends in case they miss this ad.

Our prices remain cheap, despite it being ‘the big one’
Couples £25 Ladies £10, TGirls £10, Single guys £30 (guys must be members and we have just 8 places) You can buy your tickets at our box office, via paypal or directly with us at reception.

We ask that you do not bring your own booze to this party and full loyalty cards will not be accepted for free entry due to the high overheads. Our bar is highly subsidised and prices will not be increased for this night. If we catch anyone with their own drinks, they will be told to leave without a refund…we have members wandering around as our eyes and ears and they will report back….you have been warned!

We are offering overnights if you want to make a night of it and the staff always stay up and hit the bar after hours so why not join us? It’s just £15 per person to stay over and these are booked directly with me at

Sooooooooo….grab your tickets while you can….you don’t want to miss this!